Saturday, July 7, 2018

von Kanitz Musketeer Regiment

IR2 - von Kanitz musketeer regiment. Minden Miniatures and GMB Designs flags.

I have finished painting and basing the first battalion of the Prussian von Kanitz (IR2) musketeer regiment in Prussian service. The regiment will be part of my Pomeranian Corps army that will fight the Russians in tabletop battles. I am starting work on the second battalion today and should have it finished within a week's time.

The figures are Minden Miniatures Prussian musketeers with Prussian cuffs.

A close up photo of the command stand and some rank and file soldiers.

Frederick the Great had a very low opinion of the East Prussian regiments in his army, however, he considered the von Kanitz regiment as one of the better fighting units in his army. However, the regiment was rather unlucky, suffering high losses in a number of battles against the Russians.

You can learn more about the regiment by clicking on the link below, which takes you to the Kronoskaf web site

The regiment fought in Lehwald's army at Gross Jagersdorf and suffered heavy losses. It also fought at Zorndorf, Paltzig and finally at Kunersdorf. The Kunersdorf losses were so great that the regiment was reduced to a single battalion. Since the regiment's recruiting grounds in East Prussia were occupied by the Russian army, the von Kanitz regiment could not replenish its losses after Kunersdorf.

The battalion was then captured by the Austrians at Meissen, where it was part of Diericke's small force that got stranded on the wrong side of the Elbe River. With nowhere to retreat, the whole command surrendered. The regiment was reraised in 1760 with unfortunates who were press-ganged into the Prussian army.



  1. Another lovely unit of troops. Your painting output lately is head-spinningly impressive. Were these flags also given the hand-painted treatment?

    Best Regards,


  2. I used regular GMB flags. I will hand paint the flags for the second battalion

  3. Love that line of figs, and you've done them justice.

  4. A lovely looking unit sir.

    All the best. Aly

  5. Looking great, are fair racing along with this project! Cheers, Rohan.