Friday, December 14, 2018

New Picture Found - Russian Raid on Berlin in 1760

Russian raid on Berlin in 1760 - Alexander Kotzebue (1849)

This morning I was googling my way about the internet looking for some information about a SYW era Russian officer by the name of Tottleben, who commanded the Russian light cavalry (hussars and Cossacks) during the 1760 campaign.

Russian Cossacks - RSM Miniatures mounted on Minden Miniatures light cavalry horses.
Click picture to enlarge.

My search revealed a new painting/image, at least for me, of the Russian raid on Berlin in 1760 by an artist named Alexander Kotzebue, called "Einnahme von Berlin (1760)". See the top of this page for a copy of the picture and then click on the picture to enlarge the view.

The painting depicts what appears to be several formations of Russian cavalry on a grand plaza in central Berlin. The painting was done in 1849 so it appears that some of the buildings in the background are of the mid 19th Century architecture, so some artistic license is used in the picture.

In any event, I have seen a lot of paintings of the events and people of the Seven Years War, but never this painting. So I was rather pleased to have made its discovery. 

I also found a colorful map, in Russian, of Berlin at the time of the 1760 raid, I think. It could be a map of the 1757 raid by the Austrian general Hadik.

Berlin, circa 1760

Engraving of the Russian raid on Berlin in 1760.
I refer you to the Kronoskaf account of the raid, which took place on October 7, 1760 with the temporary capture of Berlin on that date, for detailed information about the raid.



  1. The Historism painting is painted by the son of the famous August of Kotzebue (the most successfull author for the German stage around 1800). The buildings are looking very much like dating from the Baroque period. Kotzebue painted several battles of the Russians of this period. As a halve Russian himself who learned in St.Petersburg he maybe had good information about the Russian uniforms. The building at the right should be the Prussian residence Palace. The contemporary engraving (perhaps by Chodowiecki?) should show this Palace too and could be a model for the 1849-painting. The civilian clothes are looking very historism-style.



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