Friday, October 12, 2018

Austrian Firing Line & Other Things

Austrian Regiment Lacy Firing Line


I completed the basing of the Austrian firing line that I posted HERE several days ago and thought that I would show off the unit with its finished bases. I think that the battalion Lacy turned out rather nicely.

As you may recall, I used the Fife & Drum AWI Hessian musketeers in firing line poses for the figures and simply painted them with Austrian white coats and red facings. Then I finished them off with flags from GMB Designs.

Side view of the battalion

Prussian Gohr (11/14) Grenadiers Work in Progress

Grenadiers from the IR11 von Below Prussian regiment.

More of the von Below grenadiers
My next project on the painting table is one of the Prussian grenadier battalions that served in the East Prussia and Pommerian areas of the Prussian realm. I have completed the 16 grenadiers for half of the battalion - IR11 von Below. I have started the grenadiers from IR14 von Lehwaldt which comprise the other half of the battalion.

I should have these done by next week.



  1. That Austrian firing line dos look rather splendid:)

  2. Yes, I'll echo the previous comments. Beautiful painting and modelling.

    Best Regards,