Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fife & Drum French, of sorts?

French in the 1776 Regulations uniform. Picture is from  John Mollo's "Uniforms of the American Revolution".

The other day I was looking at some of the Fife and Drum AWI Continentals and noticing the similarity of their tricorn hat with that of the AWI French. So just for grins I decided to paint several Continentals in French white to see how they might look.

Continentals painted as the French Saintonge Regiment

Side view - the French didn't wear tumplines or blanket rolls, but then, you never know what is worn on campaign.

A29, A27 and A25 from the Continental range.

These were fun to paint and it is amazing how much difference a little paint can make to a figure. I don't have plans to paint a Faux French army, but then again, maybe I will if I want to do a Seige of Savannah game in the future.


  1. They are rather fetching.

    Best Regards,


  2. The later French uniforms were the most stylish in my opinion Jim and you have done a cracking job on your figures.You say you dont want to do a faux French army, but you could always introduce a small French range into your ranges. Just a devilish thought.

  3. Your figures, your game, your choice, so why not. They would do for me!

  4. Unfortunatly that uniform was phased out before teh Saintonge got to the colonies. But they do look very nice

  5. They look superb Jim. Unless one is a purest I'd have thought just painting a few battalions and marketing them as an opportunity to use your existing F and D figures to make the nucleus of a French Army would be a good selling point

  6. From my reading, the regiments in d'Estaing's Savannah expedition probably wore the 1776 uniform and those in Rochombeau's Yorktown army wore the newer 1779 uniform, however the consensus seems to be that both expeditions wore a mix of uniforms as the uniforms were not replaced until the existing uniforms wore out. There could even be some 1767 regulations uniforms in d'Estaing's army.

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    2. Your not Wrong but Saintonge wasn't with d'Estangs expedition. I wouldn't call myself and expert but but I am a member of the reenactment unti Regiment Saintonge so the subject is close to my heart.

    3. Got it Adam. 😎👌

      I just liked the color combination I saw in one of the Mollo prints. It's just a test figure to see if I could make a Continental figure look a bit French.