Thursday, November 30, 2017

Farewell Diet Lime Coke

Possibly the last can of Diet Lime Coke in existence in the United States.
It currently resides in my refrigerator.

It appears that the Coca Cola Company has discontinued its Diet Lime Coke product without making any announcement of the same. Diet Lime Coke happens to be one of my favorite beverages so I am quite upset about this development (tongue in cheek here).

If I had known that the discontinuation of the product was going to happen then at least I could have stocked up on a couple of cases of Diet Lime Coke, but NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So the picture at the top of the page shows my last can of Diet Lime Coke. I am trying to decide whether I should save it until my birthday on December 18th, or drink it soon because Coke products have an expiration date on them and I've noticed that they tend to lose their flavor after said date.

One consolation is that I have figured out a way to replicate Diet Lime Coke by adding one capful of concentrated lime juice into a can of regular Diet Coke and then gently stirring the cocktail with a straw. I tried several different amounts of lime juice before hitting on the one capful formula.

So while it's not the best solution, it will have to do.

Fie on the Coca Cola Company.

Note that this blog post is a lame attempt to reach my goal of ten blog posts in the month of November. I now need ten more posts in December to reach my annual goal of 100 blog posts.

This weekend I am traveling to Chez Protz to play a SYW in India game, which should be different and fun, so I'm looking forward to that.


  1. Good news is you can review the 'SYW in India game' into ten chapters for December!

    As for your loss of Diet Lime Coke, c'est la vie...

  2. LOL. I'm a Diet Pepsi fan myself. Have come to like it with just a dash of Pimm's No.1 Liqueur.

  3. Diet Lime was my wifes preferred drink. She;ll be upset. I'l let her know about your experiment.
    She also likes Diet Pepsi with Lime too though.

  4. I have a conspiracy theory on the disappearance of soft drinks and favoured sweets/chocolates !.

  5. You may still be able to get your fix at local restaurants that use drink machines. I still saw options to add lemon, lime, vanilla and cherry to diet Coke on the very modern fountain drink machine at my local Mexican restaurant.

  6. Try ginger ale, Jack Daniels and concentrated lime juice - the perfect accompaniment to evening figure painting. You might even get a December post out of it if you're lucky :D

  7. Obviously, this is a plot by those sad and demented gamers who prefer 15mm over 28mm scale figures. Why else deprive a prime source of 28mm figures such a vital source of nourishment?

    Do these cultists of 15's have no common decency left? I think not, probably caused by too much squinting while painting those devilish tiny icons.

  8. Did you try Amazon? Looks like they still have some for sale if not a little pricey.

  9. Don´t open it!!! It´ll go for a fortune on evil bay one day

  10. Really sorry to hear that Diet Lime is now gone. I've been able to get it up till the end of January 2018. I will now add lime to diet coke as described. Geez how sad

  11. I do not like diet sodas, it's not as delicious as the regular type.
    But from this article maybe I should start trying to drink and like the kind of sugar zero.

  12. This is my worst nightmare! Dt Coke with Lime was my only vice. It has been my favourite since it came out in 2005. That was the only soda that i purchased.