Saturday, November 25, 2017

South Carolina Campaign - Turn 10

The 1st Continental Dragoons escort a supply wagon heading for the American  depot at Charlotte in North Carolina.

With no battles on Turn 9, we quickly move on to Turn 10 where there will be a battle at Kingston, SC between Gates' (4SPs) beleagured army (currently out of supply) and Cornwallis' (6SPs) veteran army. It appears likely that Cornwallis will bag Gates and his army on Turn 10.

An important development is the pending arrival of 4SPs of British reinforcements from New York that are currently at sea with the Royal Navy.

Turn 10 Map Movements - click to enlarge the view

British Moves
* Cornwallis moves 6SPs to Kingston, where he encounters Gates (4SPs)
* Tarleton moves 3SPs from Camden to Winnsboro
* Rawdon holds Camden with 6SPs
* Stewart moves 4SPs from Charleston to Nelson's Ferry
* Charleston garrison - 2SPs
* Georgetown garrison - 3SPs
* Savannah garrison - 2SPs
* Fort Watson sends 2SPs to reoccupy Fort Mott, retaining 1 SP

In addition, the Royal Navy is bringing 4SPs of reinforcements from New York and it is currently off the Carolina coast and can disembark troops on Turn 11.

American Moves
* Gates holds at Kingston with 4SPs - battle with Cornwallis on this turn
* DeKalb holds at Fort Granby with 7SPs
* Sumter holds Ninety Six with 2SPs
* Williams holds Charlotte with 3SPs
* Marion retires from Nelson's Ferry back to Snow Island
* Pickens moves 3SPs to Dorchester

Analysis of Turn 10 Moves

Horatio Gates has finally been run down by Cornwallis at Kingston, SC. Barring some bad luck for the British, things look grim for the Americans. DeKalb's intelligence about the strength of the British garrison at Camden is spotty at best, so he holds his strong position at Fort Granby. He does not move to take Fort Motte given the proximity of Rawdon and a potential battle.

American partisan forces show Marion retiring back to the safety of Snow Island on the Pee Dee River, Sumter holding on to the valuable fort at Ninety Six (although Tarleton is in a position to move on Ninety Six), and Andrew Pickens has move south through Orangeburg and Dorchester. Pickens is one dot away from Charleston, but doesn not have the strength to capture the town.

Campaign Victory Points

As we approach the end of the campaign at the end of Turn 12, it is a good idea to keep a running tally on the victory points that each side has. The British hold a one point lead in victory points at this stage of the campaign. If Cornwallis can defeat and capture Gates and his army, that will give the British a big boost in victory points because each captured leader, each victory and enemy SPs captured all earn victory points.

British - 16 Victory Points

Americans - 15 Victory Points.

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