Thursday, November 9, 2017

Gruzinski Hussars (Russian)

Russian Gruzinski Hussars - click picture to enlarge

Yesterday I finished a 12-figure squadron of the Gruzinski Hussars for my SYW Russian army. Eventually this unit will be increased to my standard 24-figures for cavalry regiments. I call them "squadrons" for game operational purposes whereas in my 1:20 figure to man ratio, 12 figures would represent 240 riders which approximates to two actual squadrons.

I will temporarily brigade the Gruzinski and Horvat Hussars into one 24-figure hussar unit until I can get around to painting a 12 more figures for each unit, bringing them up to 24 figures.

The figures are Minden Miniatures, of course, and they are actually the Austrian Hussar figures painted as Russian Hussars. The only differences in the figures are the markings on the sabertache and shabraque (see image below from Kronoskaf), which have the "ER" royal cypher and the saw-toothed edging, respectively, on the Russian uniform. The Austrian castings have the Austrian eagle on the sabertache and the "MT" cypher and different border edge on the shabraque. The figures were simply "converted with paint".

For the source of the above image and more information on the Gruzinski Hussars, please click on the link to Kronoskaf below.

The Gruzinski Hussars are very colorful and delightful to look at, as I am sure you will agree. It is not often that one gets to use the color yellow on any wargame regiment, so I could not resist painting a dozen of these, even though I still needed to paint another dozen Horvat Hussars to complete that unit.

A 12-figure squadron of Gruzinski Hussars, seen at ground level

Another view of the unit, so far. The bases still need to be terrained and finished.

Next in the painting queue, the first dozen Russian cuirassiers. My Russian cavalry arm has been growing rapidly and now includes 24 each of horse grenadiers, dragoons and hussars, and 36 Cossacks. Since the cuirassiers are the only figures that I have primed and ready to paint, they will be next on the list.

After that, I will get back to painting Russian infantry again. I also need to start work on equipment such as artillery limbers and ammo wagons, and a few more artillery pieces and crew.


  1. Yellow and red is a striking combination.

    1. Yes, when I saw those, I said " I gotta have those"!

  2. This yellow is awesome, they look splendid!

  3. Agreed! A genuinely eye-catching unit. Might have to have a go at this one myself someday.

    Best Regards,


  4. Beautifully done Jim. My favourite Russian Hussar regiment and of course the one for whom my Natasha Gruzinskaya is Honorary Colonel :-)

  5. Nice work on these Russian "Canaries."

  6. A fine looking unit, Jim. The yellow/red combination is very eye-catching, and tempting. As I am not collecting Russians, I may well succumb to Brunswick HR von Roth with it's yellow/sky blue combo instead! Oh dear, there's more "shiny bits" to explain to SWMBO!! Cheers, Rohan.