Thursday, May 7, 2015

More New Kolin Terrain Pix

Croats in defense of Krechor village
I did a little tweaking of the Kolin scenario the other night and added some bits and pieces to the terrain to break up the expanse of game mat. I still need to embelish the terrain a little more, but slowly and surely it is coming around. Click on all pictures to enlarge the view.

Hulsen's advance guard prepare to attack Krechor
I added the village of Kutlire on the left hand side of the picture and stuffed more Croats into it.

Austrian 6-pounder battery deploys near Chocenitz

I just happen to like this picture of the Austrian battery and the perspective with the village in the background.

The vanguard of Wied's division on the march to Krechor.

Overhead view of the terrain from Krechor to Chocenitz, showing the Austrian grenadiers as the only units available to link Krechor village to Chocenitz.

A good overhead view of the new terrain. I removed Wied's division and will now have it marching towards Krechor from the far right in hopes that it will get to the Oak Wood before Hulsen does.

On old version of the Kolin game that I ran years ago at the SYW Assn convention. Sorry, but I can't make this picture larger.
I build purpose built terrain boards for Kolin many years ago and ran this game at the SYW Assn convention.



  1. Jim,
    I applaud your attention to detail and your dedication. Tom

  2. Very nice terrain, especially the church looks just right for that part of Europe. Do you remember what make that building is?

  3. All of the buildings and trees were made by Herb Gundt.