Friday, May 8, 2015

Hulsen's Attack At Krechor Village

Hulsen has chased the Croats out of Krechor

Thursday evening I commenced my solo game test of the Kolin scenario that I am working on and I was able to complete six turns before calling it a night.

Hulsen cleared the Croats out of Krechor by the end of the third turn but was making little headway beyond the village. The Austrian Soro grenadier battalion had sealed off the exit from the town and as a result, two Prussian battalions of the IR1 Winterfeldt regiment were bottled up in the town stuck in a traffic jam.

Hulsen sent his two grenadier battalions, supported by two squadrons of hussars, around the east side of the village in order to outflank the Soro grenadiers. Just as they were starting to shake out into a line, the Austrian cavalry general Serbelloni had ordered two squadrons of the Sachsen Gotha Dragoons to,charge into the Prussian grenadiers. Both of these actions created enough time for Wied's Austrian division to march to Krechor. In addition, Sincere's division was also marching to Krechor, two moves behind Wied.

I am creating this post in the Blogger iPad app which does not allow,me to enlarge the pictures. So tomorrow night I will replace the pictures and add some more to,this report.


  1. Looking good and progressing really well. Certainly a looks like a battle worth playing.

  2. Love reading your commentary. Definitely makes a lot of us wish we had the same available wargame space/array of figures/dedication/historical knowledge. The list goes on....Thanks for the inspiration. Tom