Sunday, May 10, 2015

Grand Cavalry Melee at Kolin

Prussian hussars and DR12 Wurtemberg Dragoon cross swords with the Austrians, east of Krechor.
 I have downloaded some pictures of the grand cavalry melee that took place to the east of Krechor village. This did not happen historically...

Another view of the same melee scrum.

After the casualties and morale tests, few Austrians are left standing.
The next turn of cavalry melee would have been fought on the edge of the table, so the light bulb went on and I pushed one of my back tables forward so as to add an extra 2 feet of depth to the table. I like the way that this worked out.

Several turns later, more Austrian cavalry enters from the bottom of the picture. I shoved my back table up to the main table so that I could stretch the width of the table to better fight this melee.

A better view of the extra table that I pushed forward to extend the width. These are standard school cafeteria tables 2.5ft wide by 6ft long, purchased at Staples.

Seydlitz leads the Prussian cavalry circling around Krecho to the east. IR5 Alt Braunschweig regiment follows.

Several squadrons of the Bayreuth Dragoons (DR5) await their turn to get into the rumble.



  1. Ha! The old floating table trick - perfect!
    This is shaping up nicely -swirling cavalry actions et al!
    Best wishes

  2. Just inspirational photos. This is tempting me to making the drive to the convention next year...


  3. Love your large units, they are incredibly pleasing to the eye! A favorite amongst the cavalry on that table would have to be the Prussian hussars. Even though this troop type was used earlier and in other nation's armies, Frederick's Prussian Hussars, in my opinion, made a special mark in history as a refined mounted branch.

    1. The Blue and White hussar (HR4) regiment and the dragoon regiment with the wood slab imbedded in the base (to stick on a unit ID label) are RSM Miniatures. I think that the RSM and Minden figures complement each other very nicely.

  4. Huge, beautiful and very impressive!