Sunday, September 23, 2012

Minden SYW Highlander Pix

Minden SYW Highlander Firing Line Figures

Reverse View
Here are a couple of pictures, a little blurry I'm afraid, of Frank Hammond's new Minden SYW Highlander firing line figures. I painted these last evening and found them a joy to paint. These may well be some of Richard Ansell's best work on the range, here to date. There are a total of eight figures in the firing line set: Officer standing with claymore in the ground, piper/drummer/standard bearer all standing, standing firing/kneeling firing; standing at the ready/kneeling at the ready to complete the set.

As I said in my earlier posting today, you could also paint these as Jacobites for the Forty Five by painting them in grey, brown, blue, green etc. and use them to augment the Jacobites in the Cran Tarra Jacobite range, also sculpted by Richard.

Highlanders are probably my favorite wargame figures so I am sure that I will have to find some way to get a unit of these guys into either my SYW or AWI armies.


  1. Agreed. An entire unit would be a spectacle to behold.

    Best Regards,


  2. "Highlanders are probably my favorite wargame figures ... "

    Ah, Jim me lad, ye warm the cockles of me heart with your bonny sentiments.

    Oh, and very nicely painted figures as well.


  3. Superb sculpting by Mr. Ansell and by you with the brush. A BAR-scale battalion of these lads would truly be a sight to behold.

    Your recent sun-bleached red tunics were very very nice as well, that was a nice touch and a distinctive look to give a unit. I once had a scarlet flannel work shirt that saw (much too much) time in the sun that turned much the same colour. I liked the new colour and wore it all the more, until it literally decomposed into a flannel-less gauze... this was no doubt a fact of life for the poor foot soldier of the 18th century.

  4. My compliments, Alter Fritz! again an unerring eye for the scottish colours and dark tones - very impressive! My heart beats for Scotland now!

  5. Lovely job, I think I need to send you some samples when I get the command for the Jacobites, you will be smitten I promise!
    Graham C