Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AWI Painted Artillery

British 6-pound battery deployed for battle.

I have been busy painting samples of each figure in the Fife & Drum range, in preparation to photographing them for our web site. You can see some of the artillery crew and equipment in this post.  Be sure to click on the picture to enlarge the view.

AWI artillery limber set (AE5) towing the British 6-pounder (AE3)

Continental Crew Loading (AE13) a Swedish light 4-pounder (AE2)

Continental Crew Firing (AE14) a French Valliere 4-pounder (AE1)

Continental artillery battery in action, showing both firing and loading variants.

A picture of my work bench today. I have just glued 32 British figures to card bases prior to priming them with grey paint. The regiment will become the 44th (Essex) Regiment -- see GMB Designs flag in the back ground. You can also see a Foundry French Tumbral cart from their French Revolution range.


  1. A fine looking battery at the top of the page sir!


  2. Those are some very tempting figures - I really like the sculpting


  3. Ah, the 44th! Always a favorite of mine. Very eager to see the finished results.

    Best Regards,