Sunday, September 23, 2012

British Army on Campaign Circa 1777

Light Infantryman - by Don Troiani

I have posted some drawings that depict the appearance of the British soldier during the American War of Independence, showing how they would actually look while on campaign. Gone is the formal look of the 1768 Clothing Warrant, with the long tail coat, tricorn hat, and knee britches. Also gone is the knapsack, replaced by a blanket roll that is attached to the back via a "tumpline". All of the uniform and kit changes were adapted by the soldiers for comfort and practicality while operating in the terrain that was North America at that time.

40th Foot Defending the Chew House - Battle of Germantown (Osprey: Philadelphia Campaign of 1777)
The Osprey picture is probably the only drawing that I have seen that correctly draws in all of the elements of the adapted British uniform. The figure with his back to us in the foreground wears the tumpline upon his back.
Loyalist soldier in 1777 - by Don Troiani

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  1. I'd be curious to see how these compared to similar modifications during the 7YW.