Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cool SYW Wargame Picture

French vs British in 54mm with John Jenkins Designs figures.

This picture, which I found on the Flintlock and Tomahawk blog Link Here shows a wargame using 54mm French and British John Jenkins Designs figures. Add in some Teddy Bear Fur and you have one piece of realistic looking eye candy going on here.

If I had the time, space and money to collect these expensive pre-painted collectors figures, then I wouldn't mind giving this a try.

Weekend Happenings At Schloss Fritz

I have several interesting little projects sitting on my painting table at the moment, so which way I go with the brushes is yet to be determined.  I have two sections of Royal Horse Artillery to paint for our refight of the Coa Bridge in Brown Deer, WI on November 10th; I have some Minden Highlanders to work on; or I was dabbling with some of my Fife & Drum British for the AWI and painting them in green coats with white facings so that I could use them as Queen's Rangers circa 1777, before they donned the fancy leather headgear. The first couple of samples of AWI British line infantry in green look very promising.

The RHA consists of 15 pieces per section of the battery ( 5 crew, 4 limber horses, 1 limber, 1 cannon, 2 limber riders, and 2 limber drivers), so painting two sections of the battery is like painting a 30-figure infantry battalion; so this is more than just a weekend project. I will take me about a week to paint. Once finished, the new sections will bring the battery up to six guns, limbers and crew. Now all I need are some ammo and supply wagons - it looks like the Perrys have some such things on the workbench and should be arriving to the market soon. count me in.

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