Sunday, September 23, 2012

Minden SYW Highlander Firing Line Figures

I primed a batch of Frank Hammond's new Minden Highlanders in firing line poses yesterday and painted a sample of the standing firing and the advancing or "at the ready" pose and the finished result is really sweet! I will add a couple of pictures later today. I hadn't planned on having a Minden British SYW army, but now I'm sort of at sixes and nines over this issue because I have to have a unit of Highlanders in one of my armies.

I may paint these as the 84th Royal Highland Emigrants for the AWI period and use them for the American Revolution as part of a hypothetical Loyalist brigade in my British 1777-78 army. They did not participate in the Philadelphia Campaign, but they look too nice not paint and complete.

It also occurs to me that these figures could also be painted as Jacobites for the '45 Rebellion. That would look cool too. I imagine that this was part of Frank's thinking when he commissioned the figures to be made -- they make for a nice add-on to the Crann Tara figures that Graham is building up. All of these figures were sculpted by the talented Richard Ansell, of course.

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