Sunday, January 8, 2012

His Name is Tye

Lady Emma Cuddleston-Smythe and Tye

OK, we have had Tye in our home for a day now and our family consensus is that we will keep his name at Tye, which is short for Tiberius. He just didn't seem to be an "Archie" to us. It always seems to work that way with pets and their names, the name just kind of seems right and at the time you instinctively know that it is the right name for that particular pet. Hence forever more, Tye will be Tye.

The foster owner dropped him off at our house yesterday morning so that we could meet him and see if we liked him (we had no doubts about that). Tye was a little shy at first and reluctant to enter the doorway to our house. He kept his tail firmly lodged between his legs, showing us that he was a little uncomfortable or uncertain. We gave him tons of hugs and pets and gradually he warmed up to us. At one point, Lady Emma was sitting on the floor and he walked up to her and sat in her lap.

I just kept petting his head, telling him what a good boy he was and then Tye did that "velcro thing" that only Goldens seem to do. He practically attached himself to my leg and would not move. I could see that a dog smile was coming to his face and we were all sure that this would work out. By now, his tail was in full wag mode.

Tye really came to life when we took him out to the back yard and played fetch and retrieve or keepaway with him. He likes to play, as one would expect of a 2-year old dog. He also likes his walks and we did a lot of that yesterday. Later in the evening, I walked with Tye on my regular dog walking route and it really felt good to walk with a dog again. He is very curious, likes to roam from side to side in a figure 8 fashion during his walks. I am sure that gradually he will adjust to my style of walking (more of staying on my left "heel" side rather than roaming back and forth).

We had him sleep at the foot of our bed last night, and to my surprise, when I woke up this morning, he was sleeping "on" the bed. I guess that we will have to get used to that.

Lady Emma enjoys playing with Tye and clearly he adores her as much as she does him. I truly believe that we are blessed to have this wonderful hound come into our lives.

Well, it is off to the forest preserve for another walk and then a trip to Petco to get some supplies and order an identification tag.


  1. COngrats Huzzah for Tiberius ok Tye its quicker - Although I IMHO draw a line on sleeping "paets" on the bed - but then I am not much of a pet owner. HAving a companion on walks can be a good thing. Now all he needs is a lady friend so he does not get dog lonely. Humans can be great fun - but at times a dog just needs another dog to frolic with. Blessings on the new addition. Will we see a new painted rendition of a general and his dog soon?

  2. I agree with the "dog on the bed" thing. I don't care for it so I'll have to work with him on that. I don't want Tye to think that it is also OK to sit on the sofa.

    We have the Golden Retriever rescue service looking out for a female about the same age. It is our plan to eventually have two dogs.

  3. Wonderful news! Two years ago Dec 26 we adopted our lady Serene and she has been a wonderful member of our family ever since.

    Welcome home Tye!


  4. "At one point, Lady Emma was sitting on the floor and he walked up to her and sat in her lap."
    They are linked, now.
    Congratulation to all.

    I confess that our dog 'sleeps on the bed' (OK, a Border Terrier of some 16 pounds): when we took him at 2 months he was accustomed to sleep with his mother and brothers, and we simply could not let him cry and trying to jump on the bed to join us... Dogs are deeply social.
    It's certainly different when two dogs live in the same house.

  5. The "figure-8" pattern is instinctual . . . he is casting about for scent . . . hunting instinct.

    Beside that he will get a lot more exercise that way.

    -- Jeff

  6. Most excellent... a great dog to be sure.

  7. Congratulations. May you and the new member of the family have many, many good times. Whatta lucky dog!!

  8. Splendid. Well I usually wake up under one or more cats.

    Horses for courses.

  9. 4 cats on our bed I'm afraid to say. combined they seem to take up more room than me and the missis.

  10. Welcome Tye,
    I'm looking forward to meeting you to say hello and give you a pat.
    Terrific news,

  11. Tye looks glorious. v well done. Our dog is banned from going upstairs and definately from the bedrooms. She is such a spectaculary stupid dog that we still have to have one of those baby/child gates to stop her. Strangely she sleeps during the day while we are out half way up the stairs.


  12. Lovely looking dog. I had a rule about pets on the bed and sofa but the arrival of the puppt six months ago blew that out of the water thanks to my wife and daughter.

  13. Grimsby: you and I are of a like mind. Now if only I can get Herself and the Princess to go along with me. :)