Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The British (Greens) Are Coming!

British mounted officers, by Richard Ansell. I really like the facial expresssions on these gentlemen, especially the one wearing his hat.

OK, here they are: today I received pictures of the latest sculpts that Richard Ansell just finished and these are real beauties, as one might expect. I am tempted to dribble out a few pictures at a time, but these are just too nice to hold back, so here we go.

The new British army figures include two mounted officers, 4 centre company rank & file, 1 each of centre company officer, standard bearer, NCO and drummer.

Centre Companies Command figures in campaign uniform.

Centre company rank & file in campaign uniform.

Rear view of the rank & file showing (from left to right) blanket roll, tumpline, and two marching variants.

We also have British grenadiers wearing their bearskins: NCO, drummer, 2 marching variants, 1 advancing/at the ready pose, and 1 standing firing pose.

(left to right) NCO, Drummer, and Standing Firing

Two grenadier marching variants and one advancing w/ leveled musket.

I will post front and rear views of everything on the Fife & Drum blog. See link in the left hand column of this page.


  1. These sculpts are magnificent - I can't wait to add them to the forces of the Albion Federation and The Grand Duchy of Han-gover!

  2. cool sculpts - love the grenadiers

    -- Allan

  3. Truly beautiful work. Not a historical period I would normally consider collecting but these do give me pause.


  4. It's hard to believe but Richard seems to got even better lately. I really dig the mounted officers.

    Are the horses also from Richard?