Friday, June 4, 2010

Black Hussars

Minden Miniatures Prussian Hussars by Der Alte Fritz (click pix to enlarge).

Here are some quick pictures of the first dozen Minden Prussian Hussars that I painted as the HR5 von Reusch, or Black Hussars, so called for obvious reasons. I will apply the textured basing tomorrow night, let it dry overnight, and finish the grassing on Saturday.

They look very nice charging through the hamlet of Altenzaum, which was created by Herb Gundt (HG Walls).

The horses come in two poses: legs bunched together and legs stretched with both depicting a charging horse. They actually look better if you mix one of each horse style on the stand. This conveys movement and action and sort of reminds me of Lady Butler's painting "Scotland Forever", showing the 2nd Dragoons Scots Greys charging at Waterloo.

Another view of the Black Hussars in situ.

Now that I've painted a few of these fellows, the rest of the batch (30 to 36 in total) should be easier to paint, now that I've figured out all of the painting pitfalls. The painting of the white edging on the shabraques (the "Van Dyking") was giving me fits at first as it was tedious painting all of that edging with a fine brush. Then it occured to me that I could simplify the process by first painting a white triangle tooth on the edge and then come back and dab in a dot of red inside the triangle. This gives the appearance of having painted the white edging by hand. It is much faster too. By the way, the Van Dyke edging is sculpted onto the shabraque, making the painting that much easier.


  1. They look good and fearsome, sir.

    Tell us, are the "death's heads" molded onto the figure as well? Or that only done with paint?

    -- Jeff

  2. done with paint, otherwise they could only be used as one regiment if the skull and crossbones were sculpted on

  3. A splendid turn out, sir. I totally agree on the wisdom of mixing poses on a base to convey the sense of movement. I've seen too many regiments of cavalry on the table that look like a dressage team.

  4. Morning Jim,

    Yep, they look super!

    Best Regards,


  5. Loverly (and dangerous-looking)!

  6. I was a little disapointed when my hussars arrived with two styles of horses, but after seeing yours I do think they look fine. I had set them aside, but now they have moved up my painting list. Thanks!!!

  7. Cool. Try painting the edge as a white band, then reverse fill in the counter edge with black, then the red as you do now - or as another triangle of two lines, with a dot to fill. I think you will find that quicker.


  8. Lovely, Jim. I also like the way you dress the battle field. All those little extras are wonderful.

  9. Hmnn, perhaps a new escort for Milady?