Friday, December 2, 2022

Khartoum Movie Trailer That I Made

Major General Charles Gordon is on his way to Khartoum 
Where he will meet his fate.

I’ve been experimenting with the iMovie app and playing around with it so that I can really learn how to use it and make movies about my wargames. My first effort was to make a mock movie trailer of my Khartoum game at Historcon in 2023.

Hopefully this link to my YouTube video works. I’m still trying to figure out where the URL can be found on YouTube. The trailer is called Khartoum! If you want to try and find it on YouTube.

So if you can find your way over to YouTube then feel free to subscribe to my page, hit the like button a couple of times and leave a comment so that I can tell if anyone is viewing the work.

I have also posted copies to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as to other Facebook Groups that focus on the 19th Century Colonial wars. My favorite group is called The No Stress Miniature Wargamers and this has sort of become my home group where I can put my feet up on the ottoman, kick back and relax with a great group of people. I often post content here first so that I can get some helpful feedback and see how things fly before releasing them on the public.

I really like the first two trailers that I made and I’m already thinking of ways to storyboard things and synch it up with music and add some voice overs. Then I will graduate to live action movies.

Okay, I did a test and all of the links appear to work. Note that there are two different movie trailers to view.


  1. Hello and good morning Der Alte Fritz, Not being a member of anything you have posted your video to this is the only place I can comment. I have just viewed your Khartoum 'movie'. Well done. As trailers go, that is a nice one indeed. I must add; the opening music reminded me of 'Jingle all the way', so I was half expecting Arnold to come striding into view. Am I correct in assuming this will be the intro to a 'Little Wars TV' style live play/game review, or are your voice-overs going to be for still shots only? I have been wondering of late how to 'save' the games I play, so I am intrigued. Well done. Cheers Glenn

  2. I used the first link to get to one of the films but couldn't find it or the other by a more general search. I enjoyed it and the speed is good to catch initial interest but I'm sure many would enjoy then a link to a slower version where you can look longer at the images that otherwise flash by. The balance between fast paced and slower paced must be challenging.

  3. Jim, excellent production you’re certainly taking this seriously and to the next level. Well done wish I could be there

  4. Truly special! Bravo...........

  5. Bravo, Standing Ovations and Thunderous Applause! Bill P.