Thursday, December 15, 2022

Gordon Arrives In Cairo


General Gordon at the docks in Cairo, where he prepares to meet the local authorities.
Figures are largely from Trophy of Wales and Tradition of London.

Major General Charles Gordon has arrived in Cairo from London where he will be gathering up a few supplies and get the latest intelligence on the situation in Khartoum.

The Illustrated London News correspondent Melton Prior is standing on the dock scribbling down some quick sketches of the event, which will be sent back to London on the return route of the boat. There, artists will turn the sketches into full drawings that will be published in the ILN newspaper.

Major Harry Flashman is seen standing behind Gordon (That Gordon was a complete nutter, says old Flashy). How did Flashman find himself in Egypt in time to accompany Gordon to Khartoum? It's a long story best told at another time.

Watch for the news of Gordon's trip to Khartoum on this blog over the next several days.


  1. Jim, what can one say that hasnt been said already. Beautiful.

  2. "The Road to Charing Cross" in Flashman and the Tiger. No doubt some prime cowardice, knavery., roguery, caddishness, and the like are in the cards.