Friday, August 21, 2020

Ed Phillips-Master Model Maker

Catherine the Great's Russian palace.
Ken Bunger sent me a link to a web page that featured an article about the historical models that Ed Phillips makes. Those readers who are members of the Seven Years War Association will know Ed very well and are already familiar with his talents as a diorama designer and maker of miniature models. Ed's work has been previously highlighted on this blog. I am fortunate to have a full set of Russian munitions wagons, a blacksmith vignette, a field bakery and supply depot, among others.

Ed Phillips Article

I had never seen the Russian Palace model before and I have to say that I am completely blown away by how wonderful the model looks. This may well be one of the best that Ed has ever made.

The Empress Catherine walking towards her coach, passing by her Guards.

Colonial village inspired by Trenton, NJ at the time of the AWI.

Click on the "subject" link at the bottom of this page to go to other pages on my blog that mention Ed and depict some of his models:

Here  (siege works and pontoon bridge) and Here (field bakery) and 2018 SYWA Convention Pictures

I have also included some of the vignettes that Ed has presented at the annual SYWA convention. Ed sometimes sells some of his models at the convention, while others are there for "show and tell" purposes. Ed's creativity is simply amazing as you can see from these pictures.

Maurice de Saxe vignette by Ed Phillips

French SYW era medical ambulance vignette by Ed.

Pontoon vignette made by Ed.

Minden Pioneer figures feature prominently in many of Ed's vignettes.
This model is now in my collection.

Russian artillery wagon, scratch built and very complicated.
Also in my collection, thankfully.

Ed is a real treasure to the hobby and one of the nicest people that you could ever hope to meet. I hope that we are able to have another SYWA convention next year so that we can see what he has been up to during the pandemic shut in period.

Congratulation Ed, your recognition is well deserved.


  1. Great work! Ed has outdone himself, I'm sure. I see Fr. Vasil is prominent among the Empress's entourage.

  2. Wonderful work, though the palace at the top defies comment. Wow!

    Best Regards,