Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Prussian Hussars Pictures

Prussian Hussars in Busby Hats.

I thought it would be nice to post pictures of some outstanding brush work by two professional painters. Customers sent me these pictures, so unfortunately they are not in my collection. The Green Hussars, in busbies, were painted in Germany. The Black Hussars were painted in The U.K. 
Another view of the Prussian Hussar Regiment H1

Prussian Black Hussars (H5) von Reusch wearing mirliton hats.
The von Reusch Hussars are probably my favorite SYW hussar regiment. Their unique black uniforms, the iconic mirliton with the skull and cross bones, and their performance in battle, on both the Russian front and in western Germany.

Russian artillerists on the receiving end of a violent charge by the von Reusch Hussars
at the battle of Gross Jagersdorf in 1757
Whilst the pictures show the Hussars in dynamic charging poses, the Minden figure range recently added Prussian Hussars in a more casual shouldered sword pose. Both busby and mirliton hats are available.




  1. The hussars are looking superb. Great paint Job. I saw some hussards de la mort on a French Revolutionary war Event in 1:1 scale. The uniforms are spectacular, although I love the more colourfull Austrian and French hussars from the earlier period too.

  2. Youve done well there Jim. Black is a difficult colour to master and your hussars are beautiful. My favourites however are the green hussars, these are brilliant especially the way the horses have been painted.

  3. Hey guys, to be clear, I didn't paint these figures and they reside in someone else's collection.😀

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  5. I echo the others about the stunning paint jobs the painters have achieved.
    I am also saddened that the SS chose to emulate the von Reusch Hussars uniform in theirs! The Von Reusch were the good guys!