Thursday, July 30, 2020

Saratoga British Painted Pix

British figures from the new Saratoga range from Fife and Drum Miniatures 

I recently finished the painting and basing of the 21st Regiment in General Burgoyne's army during the Saratoga campaign. The figures are Fife and Drum Miniatures (of course) and the flags are from GMB Designs in the U.K. I am increasingly of the opinion that the British regiments left their colors in Canada. There is a source that indicates that only the 9th Regiment brought their colors with them  to Saratoga.

The 21st was commanded by Lt. Colonel James Hamilton and departed Montreal with 23 officers and 370 rank and file men. I don't know whether these figures include the two flank company personnel or not. The light company was converged with the lights of the other regiments in the army and the same held true for the grenadier companies in the army. My recollection is that both flank company battalions had over 500 men.

21st Regiment 

I use a figure to man ratio of 1:10 ( one figure represents 10 actual men) so a 50 figure flank battalion would be quite a force to reckon with on the war-game table. The 21st Regiment has 38 figures in it in my order of battle. I have four stands of 8 figures mounted on 80mm wide by 40mm deep and a command stand of six figures on a 60mm by 40mm base. I place one NCO and seven rank an file men on the eight-figure stand. The command stand has two standard bearers, two drummers, one officer and one NCO.

I also painted the 62nd Regiment in Burgoyne's army, but I haven't attached the flags yet.

The 9th, 20th, 21st and 62nd were all in the same brigade at Saratoga.


  1. Beautiful work there! They may have lost the historical campaign, but they look like winners to me!

  2. These really are great looking figures.

  3. Very nice work, Jim. It’s a superb regiment; well painted and based.

  4. G'Day Jim, your American Revolution units are excellent - but to be expected from someone with your talents - well done mate. I've been getting into more AR F2F games as some of the Covid-19 start to lift in NSW. I suspect that will change shortly. I enjoyed your comments from the early VWC sessions. Stay safe. Cheers Greg (Delta Coy Blog)

  5. Very nice indeed. I like the Hessians behind them too. Cheers Chris G