Friday, July 3, 2020

Morgan's Rifles At Saratoga- New Greens Pix

The other day Richard Ansell sent me some pictures of his latest work on the Fife and Drum AWI figure range: Daniel Morgan's Rifles at Saratoga.

The greens are on their way to Griffin Moulds where the master and production Moulds will be made and the figures will be cast. There are a total of eight different figures and they will be sold as a pack of eight figures, with one of each pose.



  1. These look really good, Jim. I have been wondering what forces to collect for AWI games. As you know, my main interest is mid-18th C Europe. However the new Muskets & Tomahawks rules arrival suggest a possible entree to this period, and your Saratoga range of figures are very nice indeed! Cheers, Rohan.

  2. Wow, nary a comment but one and my blog stats indicate that there are not many viewers of this post, while other recent posts have had many more views. I think that these are some of Richard's best sculpts and I'm very, very,
    Very disappointed in the lack of response to this post.

    I am gobsmacked.😳

  3. Jim,
    Late commenter but these are excellent, I find similar things happen with my blog and FB page get lots of hits on things I don’t expect and others barely raise an interest. These will sell well I’m sure