Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Washington, Greene and All That

George Washington (left) and Nathaniel Greene (right)

I have been painting samples of the new Fife and Drum Miniatures AWI Personalities and Highlanders. We have just added four new AWI personality figures to the range, and these include George Washington and Nathaniel Greene for the Home Team (Continentals) as well as Lord William Howe and Lord Charles Cornwallis for the Visiting Team (British). There is also a mounted Highlander officer that could stand in for Simon Frasier at Saratoga.

The new Personalities product codes in the web store are as follows:

AC-004  General George Washington
AC-005  General Nathaniel Greene

BC-005 Lord William Howe (not available yet)
BC-006 Lord Charles Cornwallis
BC-007 Mounted Highlander Officer

The above personalities are in addition to the ones already in the range including Francis Marion (the Swamp Fox), Banastre Tarleton, and Lt. General Knyphausen. 

Clicking on the link will take you to the home page of the web store. From there, click on the pull-down menu "American Revolution" and then select "British Infantry" or "Continental & Militia" and scroll down the page until you come to the figure that you wish to select.

George Washington (AC-004)

The picture that was the inspiration for the George Washington figure.

All of the personality figures except Lord Howe are now available for purchase through the Fife and Drum Miniatures web store. Probably Howe has gone AWOL with Mrs. Loring for a little sojourn. His lordship is being cast at Griffin Moulds and should be available by early April 2019.

Nathaniel Greene (AC-005)

Lord Charles Cornwallis (BC-006)

Highlander Officer (BC-007)
I plan to use him as Lt. Colonel Archibald Campbell.

Richard Ansell's sculpting prowess really shines with the personality figures that he makes for Fife and Drum, Minden and Crann Tara Miniatures. I really had a lot of fun painting all of the figures shown in these pictures. George Washington was particularly fun to paint, what with his leopard skin shabraque, something that I don't get to paint very often. I also liked the mounted Highlander officer figure - he is perhaps my favorite figure of the lot.

Next up: pictures of the painted AWI Highlander figures.


  1. Very n ice figures and you have done sterling work with the paint job!

  2. Agreed! The general infantry/cavalry/artillery figures of these three rangers are pretty spectacular already, but the various mounted personality figures truly are little gems. Even in their unpainted state.

    Best Regards,


  3. Superb stuff. Might I suggest that when the spirit moves you to paint these again to do mini dioramas with Washington and Greene, say, conferring on horseback. Even a figure on horseback next to the debris of a wrecked artillery piece or broken down fence or wagon might look interesting.

    1. That's a great idea. For,this batch I wanted to get them based separately for the photo shoot for web store product codes. I'll do some more with some vignettes in mind.