Friday, March 22, 2019

SYW Association Convention List of Games

Battle of Zorndorf game at the 2018 SYWA convention.

This year's Seven Years War Assocation Convention is being held on April 4th through 6th, 2019 at the Waterford Estates Lodge in South Bend, Indiana (Phone: 574-272-5220).

The list of participation games and list of dealers who are attending is now available. I will post a listing of both. Since the list of games, at 26 events, is rather lengthy, I will just post the title of the game rather than include the description.

A picture of one of the games at the Waterford Lodge venue.

One of the best developments of the convention format is that for the past couple of years we have offered games on Thursday evening, when many of the participants are arriving at the hotel. Since we are paying for the room on that day, someone had the bright idea of setting up some participation games for this time slot. Capital Idea! whoever thought of it.

I will be running my dealer booth selling Fife & Drum Miniatures and Minden Miniatures. I will also be hosting two games: Guilford Courthouse on Friday afternoon and Battle of Cheraw on Saturday afternoon. Both games are AWI and feature my Fife & Drum Miniatures. Stop by my booth to see the many new products that have been introduced since last year's convention and find out what is in the pipeline. I hope to see some of my blog readers joining my wargames as well.

New AWI personalities: George Washington (left) and Nathaniel Greene (right)

Thursday Evening Games
  1. T1. Chotusitz, WAS To the Strongest SYW variant, 20mm, 4-6 players - Paul Petri, host
  2. T2. Brandywine Revisited - Rebels and Patriots rules, 28mm 4-6 players - Thom Osborne & Herb Gundt, hosts
  3. T3. Black Forest Breakthrough (WSS) Combat General rules, 28mm 4-6 players- Jude Becker, host

Friday Morning Games

  1. FM1. The Battle of Soor, 1745 To the Strongest rules, 20mm, 6 players- Paul Petri, host
  2. FM2. Monmouth, 1778, Guns of Liberty rules, 15mm, 6-8 players - Michael Wedding, host
  3. FM3. Brandywine Revisited (see T1 description) - Thom Osborne & Herb Gundt, hosts
  4. FM4. Away All Boats! Captains Bold rules, 1:1200 naval game, 4 players- Jeff Knudsen, host
Friday Afternoon Games

  1. FA1.  Havana, 1763, Follow Me Boys rules, 25mm, 4-6 players - Chris Engle, host.
  2. FA2. Into Darkest America, FIW, Age of Reason rules, 15mm, 4-6 players - James Boyle, host.
  3. FA3. Battle of Guilford Courthouse, 1781, Fife & Drum rules, 30mm, 4-6 players - Jim Purky, host.
  4. FA4. Seven Years War Forever! Tricorn rules, 28mm, 4-6 players- Ken Bunger, host
  5. FA5. Into Darkest India, SYW , Age of Reason (Currycorn)  rules, 28mm, 6 players- Jurgen Olk, host.
  6. FA6. War of Jenkins Ear, 1742, Age of Reason rules, 28mm, 6 players - Dale Wood, host.
Friday Evening Games
  1. FE1. Greater Than Nelson?, Naval War  Warfare at Sea in the Age of Reason, 1:1200 ships, 6 players - Tod Kershner, host.
  2. FE2. Dean West Memorial Game - Final Argument of Kings rules, 15mm, 10 players - Alex Burns, host.
Saturday Morning Games

  1. SM1. Zorndorf Morning Attack, 1758  Black Powder rules, 15mm, 6 players- Tim Tilson, host.
  2. SM2. Into Darkest India  (see FA5) - Jurgen Olk, host.
  3. SM3. Malatitze 1708, GNW  Beneath the Lily Banner 3rd Editon, 28mm, 6 players- Danny Fogleman, host.
  4. SM4. Black Forest Breakthrough (see T3) - Jude Becker, host.
  5. SM5. Where's Wally? AWI frontier, skirmish game rules, 28mm, 6 players - Steve Dake, host.
  6. SM6. Anglo-Dutch War Naval Game Warfare at Sea in the Age of Reason rules, 1:1200 ships, 6 players - John Reed, host.
Saturday Afternoon Games

  1. SA1. Liegnitz, 1760 SYW  ESR variant for SYW, 15mm, 6 players - Alex Burns, host.
  2. SA2. Broglie vs. Brunswick, 1758 SYW Revolution & Empire rules, 15mm, 6 players, - Todd Fisher & John Reed, hosts.
  3. SA3. Battle of Cheraw, AWI Southern Theater Fife & Drum rules, 30mm, 8 players- Jim Purky, host.
  4. SA4. Zorndorf Afternoon Attack, 1758 SYW Black Powder rules, 15mm, 6 players- Tim Tilson, host.
  5. SA5. Seven Years War Forever! (see FA4) - Ken Bunger
Saturday Evening Games

  1. SE1. Defense of Fort Wood, FIW Age of Reason rules, 20mm, 8 players - Dale Wood, host.
Seminars (on going)

  1. Smashing the Clockwork Soldier: The Infantrymen's Experience of Battle, 1740-1783, by Alex Burns - Friday Lunch Hour.
  2. Scion of the Enlightenment: Count Wilhelm von Schaumburg-Lippe. The artillery teacher of the 18th Century and founder of the Portugeuse Army. by Jim McIntyre - Friday Evening.
  3. Army of Immigrants: Foreign Officers in the Continental Army - by Jim McIntyre, Saturday time TBA
  4. Movie Night: participants of the first Christopher Duffy tour in 1994 celebrate the 25th anniversary, sharing photos and videos. At least ten of our original merry band of "Happy Bunnies" (an inside joke to tour participants) will be in attendence. Probably late Friday evening.

We will again have sandwiches and snacks available in the game room through a food cart and direct access window to bar. Bar will also be open for hot meals and drinks. Breakfast TBA. I can vouch for the quality of the meals served in the Bar.

Sutlers' Row - Dealers & Vendors Attending

Fife & Drum Miniatures and Minden Miniatures

Nafziger Publications
HG Walls & Paul Petri
Rick Base Scenery
Dayton Painting Consortium (includes RSM95 miniatures)
SYW Association Journal
The Wargaming Company
Jude Becker's SYW figure range
Outland of Pennsylvania

Flea Market Items for Sale
Ed Phillips
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