Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Fife & Drum News Update, Bits and Pieces

The British battle line at the start of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.


I have a lot of information about the new products, SYWA convention dealer booth, and my participation games that I will be hosting at the convention.

New AWI Highlanders (in overalls)
The Highlander marching figures arrived from Griffin Moulds the other day and I've been busy bagging them for retail product codes in the web store, and also to offer for sale at the upcoming Seven Years War Association Convention. The convention information can be found HERE .

The new product codes for the AWI Highlander figures are as follows:

BA-018 Highland Foot Command

BA-019 Highlanders Marching (3 each of 3 poses)

BA-020  Highlanders Advancing with musket at the trail (1 NCO and 7 soldiers)

BA-021  Highlanders, Center Co., Skirmishers (2 each of standing firing and biting cartridge)

BC-007 Mounted Highlander Officer

The 71st Highland Regiment depicted deployed in a firing line. This unit was built using
the BA-018 Command , BA-020 Advancing at the trail, and the BA-021 skirmisher packs.

New Personality Figures
BC-005  Lord William Howe

(His Lordship was a late arrival on the boat from England. He made a stop along the way to visit Mrs. Loring and was, ahem, detained. His picture will be posted here as an update as soon as I can get the figure painted)

BC-006  Lord Charles Cornwallis

Lord Cornwallis

BC-007 Mounted Highland Officer (could be used as Simon Fraser)

Highland regiment mounted officer. He could be used to represent Simon Fraser.

AC-005  George Washington

George Washington

AC-006  Nathaniel Greene

General Nathaniel Greene on a command stand along with a standard bearer from the 1st  Dragoons regiment.
The flag is a variation of the Brandywine flag, cut down to size for a cavalry standard.

SYWA Convention News
All of the AWI figures will be available at the convention at the Fife & Drum Miniatures booth. I will also be bringing most of the Minden SYW figure range EXCEPT the British and Hanoverians.  If you want to pre-order some British and Hanoverians then send me an email and I will bring your order to the show with me. You will not be charged until you pick up your figures.

My Convention Games
I will be hosting two participation games in addition to running the Fife and Drum dealer booth. On Friday afternoon, it will be the Battle of Guilford Courthouse for 4-6 players. On Saturday afternoon (I'm a glutton for punishment, don't you agree?) it will be the Battle of Cheraw from my AWI South Carolina 1780 Campaign. This is the final battle of the campaign and could likely determine which side wins the campaign as right now the score in points is very close.

I have the Guilford Courthouse game table set up in my basement so that I can view the spacing of the terrain and make sure that the British can move across the full length of the table within a manageable number of game turns. For example, I have to measure the movement rate of the British and see if it is mathematically possible for them to fight their way to the thir line of Continentals. Of course, engaging the Americans in fire fights and melees would add game turns and might make it impossible for the British to accomplish the task of fighting Greene's Continentals after slogging their way through the militia lines.

Fife and Drum Miniatures Pipeline
Richard is currently working on the AWI Hessian jagers (7 poses) and will be adding 8 more Highlander flank company figures to the Highlander range. There will also be a piper to add to the command packs.

There will likely be more AWI figures going into production this year, but I am very happy with the latest additions to the figure range: personality figures and Highlanders, and this has ramped up my interest in going into more depth for future releases. Some of the items that the range needs include American riflemen and Continentals in round hats and peaked caps.

Minden Miniatures Pipeline
There are currently no SYW figures on the work bench as the focus is on the AWI figures at the moment. I do have a lot of ideas for the expansion of the range and I am fairly certain that we will work on the Gendarmerie de France cavalry - they fought at the Battle of Minden, and since the figure range is called Minden Miniatures, it would be remiss to not have these figures in the lineup, especially since 2019 is an anniversary year for the battle, which was fought in 1759

Your Comments
I know it is as hard as pulling teeth to coax some comments our of my readers, but I hope that you will come through this time and let me know what you think about all of the news that is going on with Minden, Fife and Drum and the convention scene. Simply click on the "Comment" button at the bottom of this page and fire away.


  1. Not my scale I'm afraid, but really glad to see such a great range of figures on offer.

  2. Sadly not my scale but beautiful figures .

  3. Herr Alte,

    They are wonderful figures. I’m currently reassessing my collection and hope to find room for more of them.


  4. Wonderful figures at a great time - finally starting a 25mm AWI collection.

  5. Looking forward to rear by about (and the eye candy) of your Guilford Courthouse game. Looks outstanding! Comeback from vacations order the new personal figures. They all look fantastic.