Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My New Favorite Wargame Unit

71st Highlander Regiment- Fife and Drum Miniatures 

I finished the basing and flagging of the new 71st Frasier's Highlanders, which will join Lord Cornwallis' army in time for the Guilford Courthouse game that I am hosting at this year's Seven Years War Association convention in South Bend, Indiana. The flags are from GMB Designs. I think that they look rather nifty.

I think that these fellows look rather dapper in their uniform of shortened jackets, white overalls and bonnet. The regiment did not wear kilts in the North American campaigns of the American Revolutionary War. The figures themselves look very elegant, sculpted in 1/56 scale, and so all of the body proportions look realistic to my eye. The animation of the figures looks very natural, rather than forced exaggeration with arms flailing about in rather unnatural poses.

The 71st Regiment in the field.

Putting all of these elements together gives me a Wargame unit that I find very appealing, and as such, it is now one of my favorite regiments in all my various wargaming armies.


  1. Yes this range of figures do look very nice but 1/56 sounds a bit big - how do they match up with 28mm or even worse, genuine 25mm like original Foundry figures?

    1. The figures are 30-32mm tall, but much more slender than other figure ranges. This fools the eye into seeing the chunkier 28mm as bigger figures.