Monday, March 18, 2019

71st Highlanders-WIP

71st Frazier's Highlanders.

Note the plaid overalls on some of the figures, per the Don Troiani painting.

I recently finished painting a 32-figure battalion of the new Fife & Drum AWI Highlander figures. The unit is the first battalion of the British 71st Regiment or Frazier's Highlanders. I used largely the figures from the command pack and the firing/skirmisher pack to create a firing line. The marching poses are still being cast hence the decision to paint the firing line.

Fife and Drum Miniatures are sculpted in 1/56 scale by the talented Richard Ansell. Since everything is done to a scale, the proportions of the head, torso and equipment look realistic and look like real people, only done to scale. So no oversized heads with these figures. If you like the F&D figures, you probably will also like the Minden SYW and the Crann Tara Jacobite Rebellion figures too. Why? Because all three figure ranges are sculpted by the same person, Richard Ansell!

I painted six figures with plaid overalls, noting that the regiment initially converted their plaids into the more practical overalls for the North American campaigns, however, these were eventually replaced by cotton white overalls.

The unit will be flagged with a set of GMB Designs flags, which are the best commercial flags in the hobby, IMHO and you can't go wrong if you use them on your units.

Finally, the bases will be terrained and then the Highlanders will be ready for their first action at this year's SYW Association convention in South Bend, Indiana at the Waterford Estates Lodge on April 4-6, 2019. I hope to see some of my blog visitors at the show, even if it is for a drop in visit for on of the days.