Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kenilworth War Game Weekend

The third annual wargaming event with purchasers of the Book That Shall Not Be Named (BTSNB?) was held in the Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth, Warwick in the United Kingdom on June 16 and 17, 2017.

The gathering of 23 gamers featured four games that were run on both Saturday and Sunday:

* Colin Ashton's Leuthen 28mm game using Honours of War

* Graham Cummings Falkirk Jacobite Rebellion game, also using Honours of War

* Paul Robinson's Marlborough Era game featuring his own Grimsby Wargaming Club rules

* Martin Grane's Sudan game featuring the Sands of the Sudan rules.

I'm typing this blog entry on the road whilst I'm still in London so I don't know how much my iPad app will let me type before shutting down. This happens frequently so I never know.

I plan to do a more detailed and picture heavy report when I return home this weekend.

I arrived in the U.K. at London Heathrow on Thursday June 15, 2017 and spent a day ambling around London and enjoying the nice sunny and temperate weather. I tried to visit the Guards Museum, but it closed at 3:30 PM just as I was arriving, so no visit this time. The related shop was open so I went in and talked Toy Soldiers with the proprietor which turned the afternoon into a relative success.

Friday June 16th Saw me up bright and early so that I could take the one hour journey to Coventry, where I was met by Graham Cummings and his friend Leigh. I really like traveling by British Rail ( actually Virgin Rail in this case) and the smooth ride was over in a short hour on the rails. There is nothing like this kind of passenger train service in the USA and wish that we had the equivalent. I'd much rather travel by train rather than traveling by air cattle car and going through the painful airport experience.

We drove a short distance to Birmingham for our visit to Griffin Moulds and we were given a tour of the facilities by Jane, the owner. There were a lot of changes to the factory since my last visit to Griffin in 2015, all for the good. The company is adding some new technologies that promise some exciting opportunities for Minden, Fife & Drum and Crann Tara Miniatures. I can't reveal much more for now, but expect some announcements this Fall. More to come later.

Most of the gamers started arriving late Friday afternoon and the four games were set up and ready to go for the Saturday morning session. This event reminds me of the Seven Years War Association in the USA with its friendly and cheerful atmosphere. We eventually retreated to the bar where I had the opportunity to great old friends and make new acquaintances with the other gamers.

I will continue the story in a few days, or sooner if Blogger for iPad is still cooperating.


  1. Great to meet you again Jim and glad that you had a really worthwhile visit.

  2. Thank you Paul, it was good to finally meet you. I wish that there had been time for me to play in your game too.i thought I heard you say something about GNW Swedes and Winged Hussars. Count me in your game next year.

  3. Good to meet you Jim, thanks for your gift and I'll be in touch about the rest of the highlanders!
    Looking forward to seeing you next year, though I can't promise not use your cavalry for bowling pins again!