Saturday, June 3, 2017

Battle of Winnsboro Terrain Set Up

The battlefield around the town of Winnsboro (top center of the picture). Americans are deployed on the left and the British are deployed on the right side. (Click or double click to enlarge the view).

Last evening and early into this morning, I cleared off the town of Altefritzenburg from my game table (alas and sigh) and set up the terrain for the first battle of our AWI South Carolina campaign - the Battle of Winnsboro in March 1780.

The Winnsboro battlefield looking west from the town of Winnsboro (bottom right of the picture) toward another small village, called Distow,  that will anchor the American right flank. Winnsboro will anchor the left flank of the American position which runs the length of the righthand side of the table

Things are starting to get very busy around the town of Winnsboro, South Carolina. DeKalb's American army (16 strength points) is descending upon the town from the northeast from Santee Crossing, while Cornwallis' British army (11 SPs) is approaching from the southeast from Camden.

The Americans have arrived in Winnsboro first, so they get to choose the ground where they will deploy. Ahead of the army arrives the baggage train, which is escorted by a squardon of the 1st Continental Dragoons (brown coats with green facings). The baggage will be shifted out of the way towards the road to Charlotte, NC. to keep it from falling into British hands.

Continental Dragoons escort the baggage train through Winnsboro ahead of the arrival of Cornwallis' British Army.

DeKalb's American army will anchor its right flank on Cedar Creek and the adjacent village of Distow. Its left flank will rest on the town of Winnsboro. The connecting center has a slight elevation that is a perfect siting for the Continenatal artillery, while the treeline provides cover for the South Carolina state troops to deploy.

A view of the American right flank, protected by Cedar Creek and the village of Distow. A lone wagon ambles down the road to Winnsboro, oblivious of the looming battle. You can find Distow on the James Cook 1773 map, near Dutchman's Creek and Cedar Creek, both west of Camden.
A closer view of the village of Distow. The South Carolina militia will be defending this town against the British advance from left to right.

Here is a view of the ground that will be defended by the American center. The road leads to Winnsboro, just to the left of the photograph.

The picture shows the ground that will be defended by the American center, consisting largely of South Carolina State Regiments and a battery of 6-pounders.
The town of Winnsboro, South Carolina located about a day's march west of Camden. The American army commanded by DeKalb will attempt to hold the town and fend off the British attack. This represents the American left flank.

I plan on starting my solo play of the battle of Winnsboro later on today and hope to complete it by Sunday evening. An after action report should be posted either Sunday evening or on Monday morning.

We will see you then. Do check back in because it should be a colorful and interesting battle.