Sunday, June 25, 2017

Command Stand Vignettes: British & Prussian

British (left) and Prussian (right) command stand vignettes. Click to enlarge.

The second annual wargamers' meeting at Kenilworth in Warwick, UK met last weekend at the Chesford Grange Hotel. Twenty-five of us assembled for the event, with myself traveling the furthest, from the American Colonies.

I wanted to give the event organizer, Stuart Insch, a little token of my appreciation for all of the work that he has done. Since Stuart resides in Scotland, I thought that a command stand vignette with Minden Government Highlanders would be the perfect choice.

A close-up view of the Highlander stand (click to enlarge the view)

A call out should also go to Captain Bill Walker, who created the various colours that you see in the pictures. The British Union colour looks like a regulation regimental flag, but when you look closer you can see that the words "AMB XVII" are in the center.

Here is the red AMG flag that Captain Bill made for us.

Captain Bill also made a second AMG flag with a red field and the roses and garland in the center. I really like the way that this flag looks.

But wait, there's more. Captain Bill also made a black flag for those of us who have been excommunicated by You Know Who. The inscription in Latin reads: "Exsulem Nobilis" or Gentlemen in Exile.

Exsulem Nobilis

The colour bearers in both vignettes have removeable flags so that you can interchange other flags. For example, after the event I plan to use a Prussian Garde flag instead of the black flag, whose need has already run its course, LOL.

Here is a picture of the Duke of Brunswick and Staff (PER-001 product code) in the Minden range - it was not taken to Kenilworth and below is the Eureka Miniatures vignette of Voltaire and Frederick, which was painted by and given to me by Robbie Rodiss. Thank you Robbie!!

"I tell you, it says right here on page 12, second paragraph, that Prussians get a +6 bonus on the firing tables."

"You know Voltaire, this is the best of all possible worlds."
( vignette from Eureka Miniatures. Painted by Robbie Rodiss who gave it to me as a gift at the Kenilworth event).

I have been having a lot of fun employing personality and command figures from the Minden and Fife & Drum figure ranges to create interesting command vignettes.


  1. And, in addition, we can change the flag? Awesome vignettes!

  2. Jim, thanks for the kind credit for producing your flags. It was a fun project, but your commands stands certainly show them to the best advantage.

  3. Striking command vignettes, Jim but I am especially happy to see the black "Excommunication" banner. Great stuff!

  4. Great work and a nice gesture, giving painted figures as gifts.

  5. Ha! I always love these little extra touches.

  6. Replies
    1. You did a fine job on that Voltaire vignette too. Thank you for the gift - it is much appreciated.


  7. Brilliant vignettes, Jim, and I really like the excellent flags by Bill. The Voltaire figures come up nicely, too. I must get a set from Nic at Eureka. Cheers, Rohan.

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