Thursday, August 11, 2016

Britain's Camel Corps Figures Wanted

Britains War Along the Nile range of British Camel Corps troops dismounted.
 As I am working on my Sudan toy soldier collection, I am simultaneously building up a square of 100+ of the "new Britains" matte finished War Along the Nile range of figures. Right now I have 60 of the khaki clad York and Lancashire Regiment and 25 of the dismounted Camel Corps figures.

Most of the Camel Corps have been "retired" which is Britains way of creating an artificial shortage of the figures and ostensibly increasing their value as collectibles. This makes it kind of hard for someone to come along and start building up his collection for wargaming.

I am looking for more Camel Corps figures!

If anyone has any Camel Corps figures that they don't want or would consider selling, then I'm your man. I would like to buy your Camel Corps figures. If interested, then please contact me at

Just for grins, a picture of the York & Lancs regiment is shown below. I don't need as many of those, but if you want to dispose of any extra figures in your collection, then let me know that too.

York & Lancashire Regiment on the top shelf and Camel Corps on the lower shelf.

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