Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Scouting Patrol

The head of the patrol column with one company of Sikhs deployed on the point in skirmish formation.

Colonel Sinclair's patrol column of infantry was surrounded by three layers of protection designed to tripwire any potential Dervish ambush while it made its way towards the Oasis of El-Dubie.

The first ring of protection was the company of Sikhs who were deployed in skirmish order at the head of the column.

The second ring was formed by elements of the Camel Corps, which deployed behind the Sikhs as well as on both flanks of the column.

The 21st Lancers formed the third layer of protection, deployed on the flanks and rear of the column, but not as distant as the Camel Corps troopers.

The general idea was for either the infantry on the point position tor the mounted camel corps on the far outside layer tripping the ambush wire. If the Dervish broke through the first tripwire, then the ring of 21st Lancers would be available to buy enough time for the Sussex Regiment to deploy and fend off any serious attacks on the column.

Overhead view of the column depicting the layers of protection.
Behind them comes elements of the Camel Corps deployed along the flanks of the column.

Next in line are four companies of the Sussex Regiment.

The pack camels with supplies come next.

Looking at the column from the rear.
And finally, bringing up the rear are more of the 21st Lancers.

The infantry companies appear to be fairly well protected from any potential Dervish ambush. However in the Sudan, things are not always the way they look. A quiet and peaceful landscape may be full of unpleasant surprises for the unwary.

All the while, the column is being observed by Beja riflemen hidden in the thickets of Acacia trees and behind rocks. Their commander orders the Beja to let the British column pass unharmed.



  1. What a cracking looking game and I hope the relief column gets through ok...

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    1. Check in tomorrow, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel for Part III, when we reveal what the patrol found. 😳

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  3. Good looking processional! "With parade ground precision, the column strikes out into the unknown..."

  4. Wonderful! The stuff of legend!