Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The 24th Regiment - Trophy Miniatures Toy Soldiers

24th Warwickshire Regiment - Trophy of Wales toy soldiers

I set up another studio of risers using old leather bound books so that I could take some more pictures of some of my favorite sets of Trophy of Wales Miniatures British Army of the 19th Century Colonial period. I rather liked the way that the Dervish pictures turned out in yesterday's post: the patina of the old leather bound books, the dark copper table surface (replaced with a granite countertop today) and some splendid old chaps in red coats with green facings, the 24th Warwickshire Regiment.

A nice close up view of the regiment.
I used some architectural books on historic homes and castles in England and Scotland as a backdrop to block out the clutter of a 21st Century home kitchen counter. In the picture above, I like the way the hallway on the right seems to flow naturally into the picture setting, as if the photo shoot was done inside some old country manor house.

The lads step up on the risers of books to make ready for their photo shoot.

Here are a few more of the pictures that I took this evening, all pretty much the same, but the pictures are too good not to post, even if they are a bit redundant.

There are 26 foot and 2 mounted officers shown in the pictures above, and I think that I have another 14 more, at least, en route from the figure sellers (bless them!) which will bring the regiment up to 40 foot and 2 officers. I also have some of what I call vignette figures - at least three on hand (one casualty, one wounded and one running with some ammunition or popcorn in his pith helmet).

Several readers have stepped forward and answered my call for reinforcements of the Trophy Miniatures toy soldier collection that I am building up. I want to thank them and encourage others to step forward and let me know if you have any old Trophy toy soldiers that you do not wish to keep. I will gladly add them to my army and pay a good price.

I think that I will have to do a few more of these photo shoots on this stage. Unfortunately, I have to take down all of the back drops and riser books and stash the 24th Foot back on its display shelf, for the photo studio is actual the kitchen counter in our home and Mrs. Fritz needs the space in the morning.

Here is a preview of the next photo shoot: generals and Gatling Guns:

Two of the newer model Gatling Guns in the front row; some Maxims in the second row, and Kitchener and his staff are atop the third level.

And here is a picture of some new Camel Corps figures that are en route to join the force of Colonel Sinclair at Dongala in the Sudan:

Trophy of Wales Camel Corps figures.

Chin chin, and all that.



  1. A photo shoot in an old manor house. Yes, I thought the same thing. For a publication like Architectural Digest.

    Best Regards,


    1. 18th Century Georgian and 19th Century Federal style architecture are among my favorites.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, this was one of my favorite photo shoots of all time. I think the machine gun picture is one of my favorites.

  3. I love these photos with the old books and toy soldiers! Very atmospheric and appropriate for the subject matter.

  4. I have a line on some Trophy Items that were just acquired by a toy soldier company, but it don't want to post a link without your approval. Would that be okay?

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