Saturday, August 13, 2016

Camp Scenes in the Sudan

Lt. Simon Ward and his troop of Camel Corps bring Colonel Barlow back to the camp at Dongala.
While the great battle was going on back at Dundee's Zeriba, Lt. Simon Ward and his troop of Camel Corps were able to sneak back into the British camp at Dongola without much interference from the Dervish. Colonel Barlow made the bumpy ride in a Camel Corps Ambulance, much like the one shown in the picture below:

Typical "Camel Corps Ambulance" in the Sudan (figures are Red Box Miniatures and the picture comes from the web site of the same name).

Once the Camel Corps had safely cleared the zeriba, attendents rushed to the ambulance and carefully lifted Colonel Barlow off of the camel and onto a stretcher, where he would be taken to the infirmary tent for medical care. See the arrival of Barlow in the two pictures below:
Colonel Barlow is off-loaded from his uncomfortable ride on the Camel Corps ambulance and is taken by stretcher to Colonel Sinclair's tent, where there is a staff meeting in progress.

Another view of the medical team with the stretcher and the wounded Colonel  Barlow.

Meanwhile, take a stroll around the camp at Dongala and see what is going on in normal and routine camp life.

Camp life: soldiers taking a break to sip some water from the water barrel wagon.

At the mess tent, Mess Sergeant Schwartz keeps an eye on his cooks, while in the background, a few of the lads brew up some tea and take a break from guard duty.

Two of my newly acquired Imperial Productions of New Zealand Camel Corps troopers. Aren't they little beauties?


  1. Those are fantastic Jim. The camp scenes are lovely.

    Though I hear the Schwartz fella has curious notions regarding grub - not boiling things, sauces, other foreign heresies.

    1. And that strange stuff that he calls Stollen??????

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful scenes...superb!

  3. That is simply a wonderful set up Jim!

  4. I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing these pictures of your collection.

  5. Great setup, lovely pictures of the camp

  6. Aye, get yer beans on toast right here, boys! Just how we like 'em back home in Leeds.


  7. By the way, I never knew the Colonial period could be so much fun and visually interesting. You learn something new everyday, I suppose.

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  8. Jim,
    What you've done with this project, in such a short space of time, is truly inspirational. Love it! Well done!
    Must have been a nice break from 18th century.
    All the best.

  9. A visual feast for Colonial and model soldier fans. What a superb collection of delightful models. This will serve as inspiration for my Colonial skirmish forces though I doubt I can match these standards.

  10. Another lovely looking setup.

    Very Minor point - the last camels are from Imperial PRODUCTIONS of NZ....


    (Imperial Miniatures)

  11. A visual feast, hugely inspirational.