Thursday, April 30, 2015

Map of the Battle of Kolin in 1757

The map above was found during a Google search for images of the battle of Kolin, fought in June 1757. You can purchase a full size version through the Bridgeman Art Collection on line. The copy shown here does not do justice to the coloring of the map.

My search is a result of hearing that Christopher Duffy will present a lecture on Kolin at next year's Seven Years War Association convention on March 31 through April 2, 2016 in South Bend, Indiana. I have also heard that Professor Duffy is working on a new book about Kolin and this is very exciting news indeed.

With Duffy, Kolin and the SYWA Convention all in one place, what better time to bring my Kolin terrain boards and get ready to host it as a game at next year's convention, using all Minden Miniatures.

More on this later.

I am back in research mode now figuring out a way to make this scenario a playable war game. I've probably done Kolin four or five times now, but none of them left me with the feeling that I had done it right. For now, I'm jotting down lots of notes about the forces, the timing of their arrival at Krechor village and hill, and making up lists of what I need in the way of painted figures to do the game.

Any questions so far?


  1. Jim,
    Sounds like a great plan. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

  2. A personality figure for Daun from fife and drum would seem to be an excellent idea for a refight of Kolin!


  3. I will eventually add a Daun personality. I'm not sure how we overlooked him ( and Prince Henry too)

    1. I use the Charles of Lorraine figure as Daun since he has the correct marshal's lace on his coat.

  4. Very good news on the Kolin book; I wonder if this is the one on Prague and Kolin that was mentioned some years ago?