Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Summerfield Book On SYW Hanoverian Army

Today, I received notice that Stephen Summerfield's book on the Hanoverian Army of the SYW is being published with an expected release at the Salute game convention in the UK at the end of April. The publisher is Ken Trotman Books.

You can see sample pages of the book at (you will have to register to the site and then do an author search to find the PDF files depicting some of the pages.


While I can't copy the preview pages on this site, let me say that the work is Stunningly Good. The copy of the dust jacket of the book, shown above, should give you an indication of the quality of the graphics in the book.

It includes lots of color drawings of the uniforms of every Hanoverian infantry, cavalry and artillery regiment. Stephen appears to have found a lot of information on the Hanoverian Artillery component of the army. This is something that has long been missing from the usual sources that wargamers use for Hanoverian army information. On this basis alone, the book looks like a must buy.

Here is a copy of the Ken Trotman press release:

Summerfield Hanoverian Army Book Preview

DUE FOR PUBLICATION AT SALUTE 25 APRIL 2015: STEPHEN SUMMERFIELD HANOVERIAN ARMY OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR: UNIFORMS, ORGANISATION AND EQUIPMENT. 256pp., illustrated in colour throughout. 2015. Stephen's latest superb uniforms book is simply magnificent, simply outstanding. This volume explores the uniforms, organisation and equipment of the Hanoverian Army during the reign of George II (1727-60) to the end of the Seven Years War in 1763 under George III (1760-1820). In addition it covers the Saxe-Gotha Infantry Regiment, the Schaumburg-Lippe contingent and the various Light Troops in Anglo-Hanoverian pay. The massive amount of illustration comes from contemporary sources as well as Brauer, Knotel & Schirmer. But the real joy are Stephen's meticulously reconstructed flags and standards. This will become the essential work for years to come.


  1. This looks excellent. Thanks for sharing this news Jim.

  2. Yes, thank you. Looks like another thing to as for when the next 29th birthday and Christmas are once again on the the horizon.

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