Thursday, December 11, 2014

Waterloo, The Movie

This evening I watch the classic Waterloo movie featuring Rod Stieger and Christopher Plummer as I continue my convalescence from wrist surgery. My copy was distributed by Castaway Collections and it was produced (pirated?) in China. The color in this DVD is much better than my old VHS COPY.

This version seemed to have a few more minutes of footage that I had never seen before so perhaps this is the "British Version" rather than the shorter "American Version ". I think that I bought my copy from Belle and Blade at Historicon .

My left hand gets tired so these posts will be short by necessity. My right paw is totally useless right now as I can't grip anything without getting a stab of pain. I tried to hold a paint brush just for grins, but it was no go. I can't use my computer because I can't use the mouse. The iPad works because I can touch type with the left hand but my finger tips start to hurt after about a minute.


  1. Rest your paws and let the blogging slide for a bit. You'll be back when you are healed up and we'll be here waiting for you.

  2. Salut!

    Jim, take the time you need. I can wait for my Artillery. Perhaps i am thinking about increasing my order.
    But get well, its momentary more important!

    The 'Waterloo' movie, first i saw it on TV as 'teenager' before 1980 and was impressed.
    Sure later i bought a VHS video but finally also a DvD.
    After researching of par example a high-res/blue ray version i found an article in a reenachtment forum with some film-tips. There i read that about one hour of the original movie were cut away because the cinema-version would get to long in 1970. But the bad news, the lost (as one might say) 'directors cut' is lost, noone knows where the lost hour could be.
    But now its for me also clear why in the mid of the battle there is really a time jump.

    Anyway one of the few movies showing and telling really a huge battle and not only a five minute shortcut.

  3. I'll chime in too. Relax and give your hands a rest. That way you'll be well rested to pack an order that I place in the New Year!
    Best wishes,
    Pat Cohn

  4. By all means, rest your hand and we'll wait for your next missive.
    I have the same Chinese copy of the movie bought at the same place. I still enjoy it.

  5. An excellent choice of film for convalescence. Have a glass of single malt and put up your feet. You deserve the rest and free time.

    Best Regards,


  6. Good choice, then follow it with Khartoum and 55 Days at Peking!

  7. Rest,relax and take the time you need.

  8. olk.juergen @outlook .comDecember 11, 2014 at 5:04 PM

    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. I watched The Guns of Naverone today.

  10. I would second all of those recommendations along with The Duellists, Zulu and Where Eagles Dare.

    Rest up and you'll soon be back in action.

  11. A valiant effort, Jim, but please let your "paw" rest. As far as the iPad, phaps a soft tipped pointer such as the PSP's pointers, etc that the kids use.

    "Waterloo" is a great movie - I can remember seeing it on the big screen at the cinema when it first came out - still have the cinema programme somewhere (for younger "viewers", they used to print these booklets for the big film releases, just like they still do for the ballet or the opera. ) Also still have the programme for "Young Winston" somewhere, though I misplaced the one for "The Charge of the Light Brigade" - heady stuff & fond memories! And "Zulu" on the big screen was amazing, too.

    Get well soon, Jim, and happy viewing.

    Cheers, Rohan.

  12. Hello again!

    Yesterday i wrote i could wait for the models and today early in the morning they are delivered.
    Mail seems to be extremely fast!^^

    So Jim, those all soldiers and equipment in surely better condition for service than you.

    Again, recover well, at least you must be fit for Christmas. Those days shall be happy days!

    For a 'battle' movie i liked also the film by Akira Kurosawa 'Ran', ok its Samurai-war, but anyway not unimpressive.

    Best regards

  13. The game I always played with my brother when watching Where Eagles Dare is to count how many Germans Clint Eastwood kills. A fab film.


  14. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.