Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Little Bit of House Keeping Completed

Frederick's Parchwitz Address prior to the Battle of Leuthen

Since I cannot paint yet, I decided to clean up the links on the left hand side of the page, by deleting the broken links, adding a few new links (such as the Kronoskaf, Christian Rogge's Blog and League of Augsburg sites). I have checked each link and they all work.

I also moved the Minden and Fife & Drum links to the top of the link section so that they are easier to find (hint, hint, buy more Mindens in 2015).

I also plan to make some updates to the Minden blog site to add all of the new figures that were created in 2014.

I am of a mind to drop the "Minden Miniatures" name and call all of the figures "Fife & Drum Miniatures" and then simply list "SYW Range", "AWI Range", etc. I am wondering what my readers think. Please leave your comment in the comments section so that I can get some feedback on this idea.


  1. Jim,

    Not thought of adding Crann Tara & AMG that market your products.


  2. Minden is an older, more established, and easier to remember name...I would drop the longer fife and drum and keep the Minden.

  3. I say that unless there is a financial need or other burden driving a decision, don't change a thing. Minden and Fife and Drum are already identifiers for the differing ranges. Perhaps they could both fall under the parent umbrella of "d.A. Fritz & Co."?

  4. @ John Ray: good idea, I just added both links.


  5. Jim,
    Keep with Minden as the identifier. When and if you move to a web shop it will not make life any easier by having it under one title, Fifecand Drum is synonymous with AWI as Minden is SYW

  6. Hello, Jim!

    I partly agree with David - all the names are respected & known, but maintaining 3 websites/blogs is an unnecessary, & probably expensive, burden.

    I routinely go to the DAF site & only occasionally to the other 2 as my interests are principally European. I am not sure of the mechanics of blogs vs websites, but if you could have order links on the DAF blog, that would be my choice, then you can list the figures by their range. (keeping in mind that I still prefer the old email an order option when all is said & done - seems much more personal).

    From the business and internet search engine aspect I can see the benefit of a dedicated figure site, so Fife & Drum would be fine, as it encompasses all the era as a title. DAF is not as likely to score a "hit" for someone not in the know, searching for 18th century figures.

    So, the "Fife & Drum Figures" website could be essentially for listing the figures, etc and the DAF blog could encompass all the news, write-ups, previews, etc, etc - this would be a lighter burden to maintain I would expect. It would reduce the work involved in posting messages on all 3 sites as well. New models could be announced briefly and listed on the F&D website with an active link to the DAF blog for the bigger "news article" with extra pics, discussion, etc. & an active link on the DAF blog to the figure site .

    As a final comment, I really like the eBlogger comments modality - I prefer its identity engine to others that necessitate signing up to some personal database like Google Friend, etc - in my business this is actively discouraged to avoid ID fraud, data breaches, medico-legal issues, etc, etc.

    Hope this doesn't sound too muddled.

    Cheers, Rohan.

  7. Hi, Jim. I sent a reply that was probably too wordy. I would be happy with Fife & Drum as it encompasses the concept of the whole period - no disrespect to Frank H. Keeping 3 websites/ blogs going is a lot of work - DAF is a great news site, and F&D would probably come up better in a search engine for those not "in the know". Really, no real concerns either way - the figures are great under any name.

    Cheers, Rohan.

  8. I agree with Ioannis. If you must go with one name, "Minden" has been around much longer and I think that more folks have probably heard/read of it.

    -- Jeff

  9. I think that Fife & Drum implies a broader coverage of the Horse and Musket era than does the name Minden. For example, if I were to add an ACW or Napoleonic range then the Minden name wouldn't make a lot of sense. Also it doesn't make sense for every historical range of mine to,have its own name.

  10. How about Horse and Musket Miniatures?

  11. I think your answer has to be business driven. Both names are perfectly fine for all the reasons already made. Unless current arrangements are taking too much of your time to keep your sites up to date; or are causing customers confusion or difficulties when ordering; or is at odds with your business strategy - unless these are your reasons, then I suggest you keep just as is. If it ain't broke, then don't fix.

  12. As a purchaser, having to reference two blogs when putting an order in can be a little time consuming so I'd support merging the Minden and Fife & Drum blogs. I'm not sentimental about the names of the ranges although unless you've a better reason than you've said so far, I wouldn't change the names of the ranges. It isn't broken.

  13. Jim,
    I can see your logic and I think you'll do it anyway. I just think it'll be a shame to lose the name Minden Miniatures from the model soldier ORBAT.