Friday, August 16, 2013

The Fritz List

The other day I was musing (as I am wont to do) about what I would do hobby-wise if I were to have an unlimited amount of time to do everything and anything. Unfortunately, I did not win the millions in the recent Power Ball Lottery, so I am left to ponder the ideal rather than to live it out.

First of all, I would form a company and hire all of my wargaming buddies as employees so that they would be available for gaming all week, if need be. So their job would be to play wargames from 9 to 5. Hmm, I like to sleep in so if I'm infinitely rich, I guess that the games would begin at 10 AM or Noon and go on until dinner time.

When I wasn't gaming, I'd be making terrain or painting. Here is my wish list of things that I would like to paint sooner rather than later:


British 45th Regiment (84 figures)
42 nd Black Watch (110 figures)
88th Connaught Rangers (84 figures)

2nd Regiment Garde de Paris (2 btns of 72 figures)
1st Regiment Garde de Paris (2 btns of 72 figures)
85e Regt de Ligne (2 btns of 72 figures) in Bicornes
2/25e Regt de Ligne (1 btn of 72 figures) in Bicornes

Oh heck, let's just do 8 x 72 French in shakos as well since most of my French are wearing Bicornes.

20 more Vistula Lancers ( Fritz loves his lancers!)
10 more 20e Regt Dragoons

1806 Prussians: I have about 10 battalions of 60 figures to paint and one each of cuirassiers and dragoons and hussars to paint.

1805-07 Russians: I have about 8 x 60 infantry to paint, and could use some heavy cavalry and light cavalry, probably 5 or 6 regiments of 48 figures. Oh, and some Russian lancers too!


1 x 30 Josef Esterhazy Hungarians
4 x 30 "German" Austrians to be determined
1x 32 Austrian cuirassiers
1 x 32 Austrian hussars
Gobs of artillery (too much for my personal Prussian tastes)

2 x 32 Prussian cuirassiers
1 x 30 fusiliers IR49
1 x IR 6 Grenadier Garde
1 x IR 2/15 Garde

4 x 30 Prussian musketeer regiments, to be determined.


120 DR5 Bayreuth Dragoons ( he, he,he,he) :)

That would be enough to keep me going for the next year, at least. Yes, that will do.


  1. "'German' Austrians to be determined"?? Hoch & Deutschmeister! Do Hoch & Deutschmeister! Was there ever a question?

  2. You know, I've been working on a similar, though more modest, list this last week. When are those F&D Hessians due out? ;-)

    Best Regards,


  3. No longer interested in a 18th C. war balloon?

  4. This seems like a list that I put together for the ACW. A quick perusal indicates that you want to build at least one brigade of Garde and another of line infantry for the Prussians. Highly praiseworthy - I did the same for my 20 mm project! The heavy cavalry is a necessity. As my friend, Bob Liebl, once said "The Kuirassier regiments might go places without the King but the King never went anywhere without the Kuirassier!"
    Do you have other Hungarians to add the Esterhazy Regiment to? The reason I ask is that I usually try to field a brigade of Hungarians to every three or so brigades of German Austrians. Of course, all these planned Austrian guns will have limbers, caissons, etc.
    What a wonderful dream to have!
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

  5. I will paint another Hungarian regiment of 2 btns eventually, 30-figures each. When I paint a btn, I also paint one stand of six grenadiers. Then I can converge all of the grenadier stands into several btns of grenadiers.

    I purposely did not paint Prussian guards yet in my Minden project as (1) I wanted to do the core musketeer and grenadier btns first, and (2) I'm hoping that Frank eventually adds the guard infantry to the Minden range.

  6. Actually if money was absolutely no object as a stop gap I would buy in its entirety John Ray's collection. Then I would have a private jet on permanent stand by so that I could invite fellow gamers from around the world for week long games along the lines of peter Gilder's old set up.

    The food and wine would also be memorable.