Wednesday, August 21, 2013

54mm SYW Models

I was strolling through the Internet this morning, looking for some information about the Russian army in the Seven Years War, and happened to come across a range of collectors' models depicting the Russian artillery and the Prussian von Bevern Regiment (IR7) at Kunersdorf. I believe that these are 54mm figures and they are a bit pricey at around $60.00 per foot figure, so they are not something that most of us would choose to Wargame with. However, they are beautiful models and are wonderful to behold.

The company is called Ted Toys and they are located in Owensboro, Kentucky. Their web site URL is listed below:

Now if you are really interested in 54mm gaming, then I would direct you to pay a visit to a company called All The King's Men, which offers an attractive range of American Revolution figures.


  1. Jim,

    Those figures are actually from the 'First Legion' company. Ted may just be a distributor of them.

    They are very nice figures but as you say they are expensive.

  2. Spectacular! the more I learn of this period, the more I get sucked in. Grats on the distributorship!


  3. You should also take a look at the new range of Austrians and Prussians from John Jenkins.

    I own a few FIW figures and enjoy skirmish games with them.


  4. Those are nice figures too. I just checked them out on their web site.

  5. Lovely minis! I'd love a battalion of those...