Friday, August 9, 2013

Battle of Aveiro in 1809

This evening, I plan to download the pictures that I took at last weekend's Napoleonic BAR rules game that we played as part of our Iberian Campaign. I have some good pictures taken on my iPad, but if I download directly from iPad to Blogger then one cannot enlarge the image by clicking on the picture. So I will have to do the tedious task of emailing the images to myself and saving them onto our desktop computer, then uploading them into Blogger. There must be a better way of doing this and I'm rather amazed that the Blogger App isn't more like its desktop version. As Stokes would say, "sigh".

In any event, here are a couple of teasers from the battle for your enjoyment. For a more complete telling of the story, check out Bill P.'s story on the Campaigns in Iberia blog.

Campaigns in Iberia

Royal Artillery Section of 9-pdrs supports the British Counter-attack


  1. Morning Jim,

    Nevertheless, these three teaser photographs look fantastic. Very eager to see more once they are uploaded. 'Contented Sigh.'

    Best Regards,


  2. just a heads up you can upload the photos to blogger from ipad then save post as draft, log in through pc and re size the photos real easy.