Friday, August 2, 2013

Peninsula War Game Tomorrow

83rd Regiment of Foot  - Elite Miniatures and GMB Flags. Buildings by Herb Gundt and backdrop from Pico.
I finally get to play in a game for the first time since I don't know when tomorrow as I travel north to Chez Protz to resume the 1809 Campaign in Portugal. The antagonists include the British army of Major General William Justinian Pettygree  and the invading French army of Marshal Soult, the Duke of Damnation himself. Click the blog link below to catch up on the back story:

Campaigns in Germania

I hope to have plenty of pictures to post on this blog by Sunday.

As I understand it, one of our game group, John M., has been busy painting redcoats at a pace that reminds Fritz of the days when he painted 150 28mm figures per month. Nicely done, John M.!


  1. Best of luck with it. Enjoy the game.

  2. Yes, I'll second the good wishes. My own wife and child leave tomorrow for a couple of weeks, so I've got to get my own table cleared and set up for a solo version of Elbow River.

    Best Regards,


  3. Excellent stuff sir. You just have to love the GMB flags ... they are the finest flags money can buy. I was lucky enough to stumble upon him early on and as a result all the flags for my Napoleonic collection are GMB. Good luck in the game!

  4. Hope you all have a really enjoyable game.
    best wishes