Monday, April 8, 2013

Wow, just one comment?

I am rather shocked that after posting a lot of pictures over the weekend about the Seven Years War Association, that each posting received a grand total of ONE comment. I know that many of my readers prefer to remain in the background and "lurk", but come on guys, can't we do better than one comment (and a tip of the tricorn goes to the Duke of Tradgardland for his comments)?

I mean, how could anyone look at the pictures of Ed Phillips' scratch built models and not come to the conclusion that these are very impressive examples of modeling and handiwork, or that Jurgen's SYW in India game is not the most colorful game that they have ever seen? I think that you get my point.

(This is where I would insert a You Tube clip of Ben Stein droning on "Buehler? Buehler? Buehler? Anyone seen Buehler?" From the movie Ferris Buehlers Day Off" if I knew how to perform such technical marvels on Blogger :) ).

Coincidentally, while at the convention we were talking about the levels of participation at American Wargaming conventions. This was brought on by several people thanking me for running my game at its conclusion and one fellow saying that "all he does is participate in the game". To this I replied, "without your participation, there would be no game". A lot of different elements go into the execution of a good convention game. Obviously, the game judge has to prepare an interesting scenario and haul all of the troops and terrain to the convention site. This is no small task, especially if you are an old fool like me, who should know better, who designs a scenario involving figures that have yet to be painted. Kids, do not attempt to do this at home -- game with what you already have on hand.

Then, someone, or several someones, need to be the lions of the hobby who organize the convention and do all of the behind the scenes work that ake the convention happen at all. Along these lines, let us thank Randy Frye and Dean West for their great work in organizing the show this past weekend. Everything ran smoothly from a logistical stand point, including the providing of carts so that dealers and game judges could roll their equipment and stock from the garage to the convention hall. Let us also thank the dealers who bring their wares to the show and provide us gamers with the opportunity to look at the latest products and to buy those new figures or books that we have all looked forward to seeing.

And last, but not least, a great big thank you to all the people who attended the show, either as lookers or lurkers, or as participants in the games. There is nothing more demoralizing for a game judge than to go to all the trouble to host a game only to find nobody to play in his game. It has happened to me in the past and I've seen it happen to other game judges. So the fact of the matter is, that those who lurk and come forth to participate in any aspect of this hobby, are valued contributors to any Wargame convention or to any blog. Without your participation, we have nothing.


  1. Your rebuke did make me laugh. I can see the show was excellent, and thanks for a great report.

    As a fellow reporter/commentator on the hobby, I too am somewhat amazed sometimes at the underwhelming response bogging can generate, which is why I enjoy writing for myself. One day when I can't play anymore, I will at least be able to look back!

    Keep up the good work

  2. If this works I will have to try it :)

  3. One day Jim I will attend- I do hope so...
    best wishes

  4. I have always taken the view that if a single person looks at my blog then that's great, but if not, no matter... my blog is there for me to organise my thoughts, document progress in my hobby etc etc.

    We're all out here Jim; in my case I wasn't sufficiently moved to leave a comment (not my scale, and not my specific era of interest), but I read the articles and enjoyed the pictures..... :o)

  5. Dear Jim thankyou for the wonderful pictures and the nice comments.I can not wait to paint up your figures for the next game.

  6. The table in India is very nice and it is a too rare subject to game with

  7. I have an excuss. I did an 11 hour shift on Saturday then vegged out on Sunday so I've just got round to seeing the photo's (and I've got a excuss note from my wife). : )
    Ed Phillip's flower mill is an amazining work of art.

  8. Yes the pics were nice and I recognize so my own figures. Glad they are seeing the field!

    Indus Miniatures

  9. Nicely done Ashok! You have a great looking range of figures.

  10. Hi Fritz,

    actually I didn't manage to read the previous post earlier...

    However a really nice report, great pictures and awesome terrain pieces. And you're right: Comments are well deserved.


  11. Jim
    The reason I didn't comment on your day one posting was because the pictures did not blow up and were too small to appreciate. You did say that and added that you would post a full report later. I've only just got round to seeing that and would like to thank you now for bringing us such a lovely selection of fine looking games. The Fife and Drum one looked especially clean and well organised. So maybe give your viewers a little more time before rebuking them, but speaking personally, as a blogger, I too am very dismayed at the lack of comments one receives generally, given what an effort it is to write and organize decent photos for a post.
    best wishes

  12. The tiny pix don't enlarge syndrome happens when I take a picture with my iPad and download it directly in Blogger For IPad ap. they won't enlarge. But if I send the pix to my email and save them to iPhoto at home, then I can enlarge them..

    It's a trade off between blogging on the road in real time or waiting until I am at home so that I can post larger pix

  13. I am justly rebuffed, DAF.

    I have found myself, lately, in a bit of a "hobby funk". Nothing in particular can be blamed for this, just my own psyche I suppose.

    You must know, I hope, my great admiration for you and your fellows who endeavor to assemble these massive units. Truly an inspiration. If only I lived in the mid-west!


  14. My first time at the SYW Convention which is sort of sad since I live in South Bend. Had a great time lots of nice games and good merchandise. It was very tempted to buy more Fife & Drum figures, but was good at least for now. I plan on being back next year and hope I can make both days.

  15. Ah ... the loneliness of the long-distance Blogger. What a solitary furrow we plow :O)

    Kind regards, Chris

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  17. Marc the plastics fanApril 12, 2013 at 4:13 PM

    Sorry DaF - too busy getting my stifle count up on TMP. But don't fret - we are out here, reading away :-)

  18. I tend not to comment on anything unless I feel I have something constructive to add. In this case, I'd like to offer my congratulations on being selected for the Pour le Merite trophy. Very much deserved, especially after misjudgements on the part of a member (or members) of the Association deprived you of it last year. On the plus side, you occupy the unique position of being the only person selected for the honor two years in a row!

  19. whoah this blog is fantastic i love reading your articles.