Friday, April 26, 2013

Fife & Drum at Little Wars

Fife & Drum Booth At Little Wars Convention
I have just set up my dealer booth at the Little Wars convention, located next to the Litko Bases booth and across the aisle from The Last Square. Thank go to Karl at the Last Square for lending me a pair of scissors to cut the cord used for attaching the banner to the table, and to Paul at Litko for his knowledge of Boy Scout knots, particularly the Clove Hitch, which he used to help me tie down the banner so that it would not sag. I found all of the dealers to be very helpful to this newbie in the dealer trade. It was much appreciated. And finally, thanks go out to Robert Bowling, the director of the dealer area at Little Wars, for all his help in getting me set up at this very first convention that I attended as a dealer.

I really like the way that the Fife & Drum logo turned out on the banner that I had made at a local FedEx Store (formerly known as Kinkos). My sincere thanks go to Henry Hyde for designing the logo and for also creating the artwork for the cardboard headers that you see on the bags (in Red for British, Blue for Americans, and Green for Artillery Equipment).