Thursday, April 25, 2013

Little Wars Convention Preparation

Filling up the carrying boxes with bags of Fife & Drum Miniatures. Click all pix to enlarge the view.

I have spent the past several days bagging Fife & Drum Miniatures into 3" x 5" plastic bags (4 figures per bag) and stapling on the card headers to make it easier to identify what is in each bag. I have placed the Fife & Drum logo onto the headers, and color coded them: Red for British figures; Blue for American figures; and Green for artillery and equipement.

After attending several smaller conventions, I quickly figured out that it was insane to bring 100 different plastic bins full of figures and then try to sell and pick the figures one at a time during the convention. The bins take up too much space in the car, and it takes forever to hand pick individual figures per each customer purchase. Regretfully, I have decided to start selling the figures in bags of 4 figures for $8.00 per bag of infantry. Artillery equipment and mounted officers will continue to be sold as individual models with one per bag.

Using this new system, I am able to carry all of the figures in only six large boxes, while reducing the number of SKUs from 100 to about 32.

Green card headers signify artillery and equipment models.

Blue card headers for American figures, and Red card headers for the British figures.

I will be attending this year's Little Wars convention in DuPage County, Illinois this Friday and Saturday April 26 and 27, respectively. So if you are attending the convention, stop on by at our booth and take a look at the miniatures up close and first hand. 

Take a closer look at the artillery wheels in the green bags. These figures are straight out of the mold and into the bag. You will note that there is absolutely NO FLASH filling up the space between the wheel spokes. No compare these to some of the other brands of AWI figures, particularly the ones made by the Gods, and you will see that they are often full of flash and thin little venting spiders that are really annoying to deal with when you are trying to prep the figures for priming.

At Fife & Drum, we believe that our customers deserve superior casting quality when they purchase our figures. I really hate cutting off bits and pieces of metal flash. It takes a lot of extra time and often I find that I missed a little thread of metal (spider vents, as we call them) only after I have primed the figures and am actually painting them. Oooooh, that really peeves me when that happens. Well guess what, you will never have to deal with irritating metal flash when you buy Fife & Drum Miniatures.

Simply put, you the customer deserve superior casting quality to go along with superb figure sculpts and top notch service. You have my word on that.


  1. There's a man with a mission - good luck Fritzie!

  2. A very practical solution! Best of luck at the show!!

  3. Great meeting you today and chatting.
    When I start my Rev War project, I couldn't do better than Fife and Drum.