Monday, April 15, 2013

AWI Game Setup

The British Are Coming!  Fife & Drum Miniatures
Terrain setup for Brown's Farm AWI scenario.
Here are several pictures of the table top setup for an AWI scenario that I have been tinkering with. I ran the game two times at the recent Seven Years War Association convention (for which it won the best of show game - The Mitchell Cup). I did not like the way some of the events unfolded during the game so I have tweaked the scenario a little bit in the hope that it will improve the game. I plan to run my next play test at Chez Protz on May 4th so I will have a chance to see how well the changes work.

Royal Artillery enters the town of Gloveton, escorted by the 16th Light Dragoons.
This weekend, I started painting a company of the 45th Regiment in Wellington's Peninsula army, but after doing a back of the envelope calculation of the forces that i need for my Historicon games, decided that I had better get back to painting AWI figures, and soon! So I completed six Perry 16th Light Dragoons to add to the vanguard of my British AWI army.



  1. This is very elegant Sir - look forward to seeing the Peninsular stuff develop, until then I must resist the temptation to do some AWI.
    Take care

  2. Congrats on the best of show award! It's been something you've been chasing for a while, so it's good to see you won.

  3. An absolutely great looking table. The long layout and marching British is a bit reminiscent of another British stroll to a place called Concord.
    Again, well done - as usual.

  4. Great looking set up...

  5. Can you say that a wargame is beautiful? Is that allowed in our counter-culture?

    -Nice work!

  6. Very nice! As always your work in an inspiration!