Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dark Ages Saxon Village by HG Walls

Dark Ages village somewhere in Saxon England. Buildings were scratch built by the talented Herb Gundt, of HG Walls. Click or double click the pix to enlarge your view.

Digging deeper into my Closet O' Lead, I found a couple boxes full of the Saxon buildings that were to comprise the little village located next to the Norman Keep, shown on this blog several days ago. The inspiration for the Keep and the village came from a viewing of the movie, "The Warlord", starring Charlton Heston and Richard Boone.

Another view showing the side of the meeting hall that was the center attraction in the village. This is where the men would meet, drink mead and get rowdy - the original Man Cave, if you will.

Note the wooden buttresses surrounding the Meeting Hall.

A street level view of the village

A view of the timber barn (on the right) and one of the smaller hovels with an attached pig sty.

I also had Herb assemble one of the large Gripping Beast resin Viking longboats for me to use with this set up. As in the movie, "The Warlord", I was going to have some Norman overlord and his retinue residing in the wooden keep, providing protection for the Saxon villagers. A Viking raiding party would beach their vessel nearby and travel inland in search of loot and livestock and whatever else Vikings liked to lay their hands on.

Alas, the project was stored away during one of my home moves and largely forgotten until recently. I hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures.


  1. I would imagine that at least some of those could be usable with your SYW project?? It seems a shame to let such beautiful terrain go...

  2. Actually he can use them for pretty much any backwoods western europe up until about the 17th century. At which point you would need to remove the wooden stakes holding up the sides. Great scenery herb is truely a master of his craft.

  3. great set up and thanx for the inspiration! i too am on the verge of completing some scratch built, generic, saxon/viking huts for a skirmish game. in the process of finishing some wargames factory vikings and done with a revel 1:50 scale long ship. take a look: