Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wedel Grenadiers

I started work on the Wedel Grenadier battalion over the weekend, using Minden Prussian grenadiers. The battalion consists of two companies from IR1 von Winterfeldt and two companies from IR23 Forcade. The battalion was considered to be one of the best in the whole army and in fact, it was trained by Winterfeldt himself, whilst he was still a colonel in the army during the 1740s.

I completed the two stands for the IR1 half of the battalion and will start on the IR23 sections this evening. I have a little bit of a conundrum to solve though, and that is, my current arrangement calls for each regiment to have two stands of six grenadiers, or a total of four stands with six figures, for a total of 24 figures. However, I want to have 30 figure battalions. So I either must paint three extra figures from each regiment and have one stand of mixed grenadiers (which is sort of OK) or maybe have one regiment contribute three stands (6 by 3 stands = 18 figures) and the other regiment contributes two stands (6 by 2 = 12 figures).

Another idea is to have 32 figure grenadier battalions with 8 figures on four stands. The only problem is that I would have to make my own bases for the 8 figure configuration, as my 60mm by 40mm stands only hold six figures. And I'm too lazy to take some 40mm by 80mm or 120mm stands and cut them down to the proper length. I don't think that I want to go with 32 figure grenadier battalions and 30 figure musketeer battalions. What to do?


  1. I am building my battalions exactly the same. My understanding is that each battalion had 5 musketeer comapnies and 1 Grenadier company. So when the Grenadiers were split off the ratio works fine. You will have 5 stands of Musketeers per battalion and 4 stands of Grenadiers per battalion.

    So each of my battalions of Grenadiers have 24 figures and each Musketter and Fusiler battalion has 30 figures.


  2. I know that the grenadier companies were larger than the musketeer companies in the same regiment, but it would appear that 4 companies of grenadiers would make for a smaller battalion than would 5 companies of grenadiers. So the 24/30 distribution might be the way to go.

  3. I appreciate the dilemna but I think that I would go with the 36/24 idea already suggested. If you made the firepower of 24 grenadiers the same as 36 musketeers this would simplify firing calculations while giving the grenadiers there elite status. However they might prove more fragile to losses.
    Alternatively, could you base 6 grenadiers singly [or in threes] leaving you the option to field 24 or 36 - you might still have the dilena of how to draw them up on the battlefield in three ranks.
    Ultimately of course only you can decide - t's the responsibility of command :)

    Duke of Baylen

    p.s. I echo folks kind sentiments about Emma's health and happiness

  4. It is indeed a puzzlement. Best wishes to Lady Emma.

  5. I have expanded my army to 5 bases as well, but I enclude a mounted officer on the commmand stand. My units have 28 men, 24 line, 2 standard bearers, 1 drummer, 1 foot officer, and 1 mounted officer. You can see examples on my site...

  6. Jim, I had the same dilema as you and I didn't want 4 stands in my Grenadier battalions, so I just went with 3 of one and two of the other. They are never going to be back with their parent regiments, so it soesn't matter and all my battalions, Musketeers, Fusiliers and Grenadiers are 30 strong. Keeps things nice and tidy :-)

  7. I found that Duffy indicated that the Prussian grenadier battalions had around 700 men during war time. Dorn and Engleman state that the size of the grenadier companies were augmented to 702 men in 1756 and increased again to 754 men in January 1757.

    So I think that I am safe using a "wartime/campaign establishment of 600 grenadiers, or 30 figures at a 1:20 ratio. As Frank says, this will keep the musketeers and grenadiers with the same number of figures and stands.

    I think that what I will do is have two stands of one regiment's grenadiers, each with an officer or nco on the stand (and do likewise for the other regiment's grenadiers) The fifth stand will have 3 each of rank and file and no officer figures (this way I can tell by sight which stand has the mix of 3 and 3 figures.

  8. Hi there i have had the same problem recently , i have gone with the best looking solution. Two stands from each regt without command and a center stand consisting of drummers flanking a central officer figure with three grens behind .

  9. Hi forgive this comment not related to SYW, just recently got to play my first game of In the grand manner Napoleonics. it was a small game on my 6 x 12 table, two allied brigades attacking a lightly held french village in spain. every one enjoyed it an i hope for more games soon. do you know if the rules have a yahoo group? I won't even have to rebase from CLS except for larger gun batteries n separate skirmisher figures,
    best regards David from Georgia

  10. Here is the url for the In The Grand Manner yahoo group.


    It is hosted by Gerry Elliott, who runs the Wargame Holiday Centre in the UK and is the publisher of the most recent version of the rules. He and other group members are very helpful in answering any questions.

  11. Thanks so much for responding - found the yahoo group and joined it, i look forward toseeing more postings of games you play on your blogs, just played in 25mm Rorke's drift today, pics will beon my blog volleyfirewargames shortly.
    Also my black coated unit of governor's guard are coming along nicely - thanks to your inspiration, no black scorpion pirate figures (gods those are expensive)

  12. Any set of common 18th century uniforms can serve as the building block for your own legion or freikorps. I modeled my Black Legion after the Favrat Freikorps in Prussian service. You could use Front Rank, Old Glory, RSMs anything and get the same effect.